Famous Portrait Photographers to Inspire

Famous Portraiture Photographers to Inspire

Photographers to Inspire. Since the inception of the craft, Photography has become a medium with so many ‘greats’. Photographers who explored the very early stages of photographic practice, to those of modern times. I have selected a few Photographers who have created captivating portraits. You don’t need to be a photographer to admire their work – it speaks for itself. Each image here links back to the photographer’s website or archive when clicked on. Yousuf Karsh: One of my […]

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Acting Headshots with Veronika.

I had Veronika come to my studio to get a range of updated headshots. She is an actor and singer based in Melbourne with various experiences in both TV and stage acting. Soon she is hoping to enter the Musical Theatre world. Veronika moved to Melbourne five years ago, and prior she has lived all over Australia and the world. With amazing life experience, her travels, and being a Mother, Veronika has a world of knowledge and experience to adapt […]

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What Headshot Session Is Right For Me?

You will make a couple of choices when deciding what headshot session to book with me. I offer both studio and natural light outdoor headshots, and I offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements. Session Type: First, decide if a studio session or outdoor session is more your cup of tea. Think about what the headshots will be used for. Where it will be seen, and furthermore what do you want to say? If you’re a […]

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Benefits of Professional Actor Headshots

So You Want To Be An Actor: I admire actors. I love watching brilliant performances, and I can appreciate them even more because I am a really terrible actor myself. Do not try and get me to act, because it will be awful. So for those with passion, talent and drive to push themselves in an incredible field, I really admire them. Like many of the areas in arts, this field is competitive. You have to take classes, and attend […]

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Photo Retouching – How Will My Portrait Be Edited?

Photo Retouching: When you book a session with me or purchase an additional image from your session, your final files will be retouched. By retouching I don’t mean plastic skin or zero clarity. In the case of headshots and portraiture, the outcome is for you to be recognisable and familiar. A bit of additional retouching is to make sure you look like you, but on your best day. Simple things like a few cropping adjustments, a bit of contrast added […]

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How to make sure your Acting Headshots stand out.

There are a lot of Actors out there, and a lot of competition for the roles you want. Everyone has acting headshots, and it is the tool that catches the attention of the right people to land you that role. 1 – Use A Professional Photographer. It is important to find a photographer who specialises in headshots – even better when they are experienced with acting headshots. You might have a friend who is a professional landscape photographer, but they […]

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Acting Headshots Serious

Not All Acting Headshots Need To Be Serious.

Seriously. Your acting headshots need to show an honest representation of you. They also need to portray the performances you want to go for. What work are you usually cast for? If you play the young mum, or the Summer Bay surfer girl, these characters aren’t always best reflected with serious expressions. So it’s best to speak to your agent about the headshots you need in your portfolio. Versatility: Acting headshots need to show the versatility of your skillset. You […]

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Tips For Better Headshots

Headshots are some of the most important photographs some people have taken. It is a tool for a first impression. For Actors, they are used for auditions, and can be what makes a casting director look towards one actor over another. Business headshots create trust with clients, and put the face to the business. So what are some headshot tips? Have a look at the points below, and keep them in mind for your headshot session. Headshot Tips: 1 –  Know […]

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Coordinating your Personal Branding with an Image of Yourself

Building a personal brand is something we should all be thinking about. Being online provides endless opportunities for strangers (and potential clients or employers) to cast quick and ruthless first impressions. So how exactly can an image affect your personal branding? You Are The Face Of Your Business, and Your Brand: Whether you love looking at photos of yourself or not, you have to accept that you are the face of your own personal brand. Personal branding includes how you […]

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5 Reasons Why A Professional Headshot Is Important For your Business

People Are Already Searching You and Your Business. Have you ever googled your name and gone into Google images? Did you like what you found? Would you like other people to see those images as a representation of you? With the age of social media, Linkedin, websites and Instagram, photos of ourselves are everywhere. It is easier than ever to search people and brands before we ever interact with them. This makes first impressions even more important. Your image online […]

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