Melbourne Corporate Staff Headshots


Corporate Staff Headshots & Branding Imagery

Staff headshots don’t need to be an unpleasant ‘school-photo-like’ process. I understand that your team might not always be thrilled with the idea of getting their photo taken. but my process is all about making your staff comfortable.

As a professional headshot photographer, I can come to your workplace and take beautiful staff headshots of your team members. Together we’ll get great portraits that showcase both personality and professionalism – and keep it quick and efficient to minimise downtime.

I insist on proper planning, communication and direction in all my photography sessions – to make sure your staff are relaxed and happy, and you achieve professional and authentic photographs for your business.

First things first, we need to learn more about your brand and requirements – so why not request a quote?

The whole process is made easy from start to finish.

We'll chat about what style suits your brand, and the rest you can leave with me. I'll bring the equipment we need to you, and start making your team look fabulous.


How can I ensure a good result?

It’s important to me that your staff walk away with an image they like of themselves.

The key is to have a little time investment, so I can give plenty of direction and review the images with each staff member.

I’d rather spend more time getting the images right, than to rush through your whole team in 15 minutes. We’ll make sure your team is looking professional, trustworthy, and like the experts that they are.

How The Staff Headshot Process Works:

We all want the same result: to have amazing images that you, your staff and your potential clients will love. After all, your staff are your greatest asset and your team is what makes your business special and unique.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me for a quote. We’ll discuss the overall look and style to suit your brand.
  2. We’ll book a time and I’ll send through my prep guide for your staff.
  3. Shoot day: I’ll spend ~10 minutes directing your staff & reviewing the images.
  4. Final images are selected on-site at the shoot, or via an online gallery afterwards.
  5. Images will be retouched and sent your way for a seamless digital download.

Custom Stock Libraries & Branding Images

Custom branding imagery allows you to build a personalised stock library that won’t be seen anywhere else!

What images are you using across your website and marketing materials?

Custom stock imagery taken of your team provides a personalised experience across your website and socials. You’ll stand out from competitors, and start connecting with your clients by showing off your incredible staff and premises.

These types of images are great to use across your online presence, to pair with reviews and testimonials, and for any printed brochures, expo stands, and banners too.

To make things easy, we can add on a branding package to your staff headshot day, to create a series of on-brand imagery that represents your team.

To book a branding add-on package, get in touch below with your ideas, and we can start discussing exactly what images would work best for your business.

How it works


View our pricing guide & then reach out for a custom quote.

Price Guide

Our on-site sessions start with a travel & setup fee, and are then calculated per-person. We have a minimum fee for on-site work. please see details below:

Travel + setup fee: $100 + GST
Per-person fee: $160-$120 per person +GST (tiered pricing based on the total number of staff).
Minimum: $960 + GST

All on-site corporate headshot and branding packages are quoted according to your needs. So we can tailor your quote, please request a quote below.

Get in touch now for a custom quote or booking request:

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Melbourne staff headshot with grey studio background
Actor headshot of a Woman photographed in a studio wears a pink cardigan and glasses. She has a knowing look in her eye.
Corporate headshot of man wearing pink shirt and blue blazer, smiling at the camera.
Melbourne staff headshot with grey studio background
Wooman smiling at camera on a white background for a corporate headshot
Melbourne staff headshot with grey studio background
Melbourne Headshot of corporate businessman in blue suit on a white background