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Actor Headshots

Getting the right acting headshots is more important for actors and performers than any other profession. Which is why at Julia Nance Portraits I’ll work with you to evaluate your type, so we can nail the headshots you need to get in the room.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve had on the screen or stage, getting the right actor headshots is often a daunting process. As a photographer, it’s my goal to help you with everything from what to wear, background choice, to expression and posing. 

You want an actor headshot that shows your personality, while at the same time, properly portraying you as a certain ‘type’ to a casting director. Together, we'll create a portfolio to make you stand out.

How Do You Make Your Headshot Stand Out?

You don’t need to be reminded of the competition in the industry. As a fellow creative in the arts, I understand the challenge of standing out in the crowd.

Making sure your headshot is noticeable is the key, and here’s a little secret: YOU are what will make your headshot stand out.

It might sound cheesy, but once you tap into your personality, your type, and the characters you’re likely to be cast for, it makes the headshot process a whole lot easier

I work with actors before their session to learn about their experience and discover their goals in the industry. I don’t want to rush you through the process, I want to collaborate on bringing out the characters and your personality in headshots that will land you more auditions.

I've worked with many performers to get their perfect actor headshots...

Sometimes it's better to read first-hand experiences. Check out my 100+ 5 star google reviews:

Every element of your headshot should come together so that you stand out. 

It can be confusing deciding what to wear, what the right setting should be, and how to make your headshot just right. As a professional headshot photographer, I’ve guided many actors through the process with my knowledge of colour, composition and lighting.

You will love my studio in Ringwood East. We’ll have lots of options to explore: from beautiful lush greens to clean studio backdrops and creative lighting. 

Together, we can explore different outfits and backgrounds to create seamless portraits that not only bring focus to you but help showcase your type. 

While you’re here, we can create a portfolio to showcase your range.

Creating supporting portraits, including mid-length and full-length images allows you to provide casting directors with more images and help you stand out. 

There are so many options to explore for your headshots at my studio in Ringwood East . . .

At the Julia Nance Portraits studio in Ringwood East (Melbourne’s eastern suburbs),  you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere that aims to make you comfortable. With beautiful outdoor settings and plenty of studio backgrounds to choose from, we’ll be able to create a portfolio of images that showcase a range of characters.

You don’t need to worry about any of the technical stuff either. I’m a qualified photographer, with a Bachelor of Photography degree from RMIT University. I can help with advice on what to wear, colours, backgrounds and posing.

Here’s a little rundown of my actor headshot sessions:

Packages & Pricing

Choose a session to suit your needs. We have you covered from express headshot sessions through to half-day portfolio shoots.

Every session includes our pre-shoot PDF and survey, high-end retouching, and a quick 3-4 day image turnaround time.

Express Headshot Session – $290

1 IMAGE | 30 Min Session

Express headshot sessions are best suited to those wanting a simple actor headshot. Express sessions are based at my Ringwood East studio. 

Signature Actor & Performer Session – $650

3 IMAGES | 90 Min Session

Explore multiple types and a range of moods. These sessions are based at my Ringwood East studio.

Custom Half-Day Portfolio Session – $1490

8 IMAGES | 4 Hour Session | Hair & Makeup | Lunch

Go all-in with a half day shoot for a comprehensive portfolio. Including a pre-shoot planning consult, professional hair and makeup, and a light lunch. Based at my Ringwood East Studio.

Young man smiling while wearing a white tshirt in a studio performer headshot.
Actor headshot of young woman in a studio environment with dramatic lighting. One half of her face is in shadow.
Actor headshot of a Woman photographed in a studio wears a pink cardigan and glasses. She has a knowing look in her eye.
A woman poses for a calm actor headshot in a studio environment.
Actor headshot of young man wearing a white collared shirt. The background is a peach apricot, and he has a serious expression.
Melbourne natural light actor headshot of redhead woman in a red top.
Melbourne actor headshot of brunette girl with long hair and slight smile - wearing denim jacket
Woman poses for corporate headshot in an outdoor setting. She wears blue ruffled sleeves and behind her the background is soft and blurred.