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About Me!

Julia Nance stands out the front of her professional portrait studio. She has blonde hair, glasses and has her arms crossed in a relaxed manner.
Selfie of Julia with humpback whale in the background.
Julia photographed holding her dog Felix
Portrait of Julia photographing humpback whales underwater.
Julia Nance at the 2 Girls Building Launch with Fine Art Portrait
Fine Art Portrait Photography

Hi, I'm Julia

A portrait photographer based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Capturing people at their best is my thing!

I love showing my clients that photographs aren’t as scary as they feel. My job is to remind you that individuality is beautiful, and together, we will capture you at your very best.

Portraiture gives me an opportunity to connect with people and transform their perceptions of themselves into something positive and empowering. 

P.S: Photographed here with me is my little doggy called Felix.

Fun Facts:

Favourite Food:
Pasta (bolognese).

Camera Brand:
Nikon! (but I also use Sony). & Nauticam for my underwater housing.

Lens Of Choice:
70-200mm 2.8.

Favourite Chocolate:
Twirl, Bueno, Ferrero Rocher or Kit-Kat.

Standout Life Experience:
Swimming with humpback whales. 2016 changed my life.

Favourite Animal:
Lambs (for as long as I remember), but more realistically, dogs.

Colour or B&W:
Colour all the way.

Underwater photography, ceramics, gardening.

If Money Was No Issue:
I’d use photography to show people how lovely they are and to support families going through terminal illnesses.

Best Season:

Field of Study:
Commercial Photography at RMIT University.

Cities or Countryside?

Travel (away from the tourist spots), nature and gardens that provide strong ecosystems.

Introvert or Extravert?
I’m definitely an introvert.

Standout Holiday Destination:
Latvia, Iceland or Scotland in Europe/UK. Or Tonga in the Pacific.

Portrait of Julia Nance in bright pink dress on a blue background holding a camera above her head, with a quirky smile.

The serious stuff...

Awards | Qualifications | Publications | Collections

  • 2014, BA Arts (Photography), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, graduated with Distinction.
  • Over 10 years experience in professional photography (studio lighting, portraiture, still life and retouching).
  • 2014, 2 pieces in the Tintern Schools permanent art collection. Swan, The Writer.
  • 2014, 3 pieces in the Two Girls Building permanent collection, Abbotsford. Swan, Resignation, Lift.
  • 2014, 1 piece in the private collection of Peter Cahill, art collector and Director of the Domain Hill Property Group: Swan.
  • 2014, RMIT Graduate exhibition RAW.
  • 2013, RMIT Second year photography exhibition.
  • 2012, RMIT First Visions photography exhibition.
  • 2011, Tintern Schools Year 12 Art Exhibition­.

Get in touch:

Mobile. 0402 001 533
Email. portraits@julianance.com.au
Other Work: julianance.com.au
Instagram. @juliananceportraits
Facebook: /juliananceportraits 
Studio: Located at 2/11 Old Lilydale Road, Ringwood East