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Welcome to

The Julia Nance Portraits Studio

Located in Ringwood East, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you’ll love the beautiful natural surroundings of my professional photography studio.


The Studio

Julia Nance Portraits offers a modern studio environment in the leafy suburb of Ringwood East. As soon as you arrive you will be stepping into a relaxing environment.

You will find opportunities for both studio and natural light photoshoots. Opposite our studio is a beautiful tree reserve full of beautiful Aussie native trees and grasses for outdoor photography. Indoors, we have multiple backdrops and areas to capture your photographs - including couches and a desk for lifestyle shots.

Check out the video below to see the studio for yourself...


Located by appointment at 2/11 Old Lilydale Road,
Ringwood East, Victoria.

In the eastern suburbs, just 5 minutes from Eastlink. Our location is easy to get to with plenty of free parking.

Indoor Facilities

Tea, Coffee & Snacks

Enjoy a refreshment while we shoot! I'll make sure to have coffee, tea, and cold drinks available while we work together.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Being in Melbourne, we never know what the temperature will be! Don't worry, we have heating and air conditioning for your comfort.

Various Background Options

It doesn't matter if you need neutral and simple, or want to have fun with some bold colours. There's a range of background options to suit.

Beautiful Change Room

Hang your clothes up on the rack so they don't get crumpled, and make yourself at home in our luxe changing room.


In the eastern suburbs, close to Eastlink & the Eastern Freeway. The Julia Nance Portraits studio is located in Ringwood East, VIC.

Have A Look Inside

Our simple space inside is a modern space perfect for headshots and portraits. It's a comfortable setting to be yourself and capture some personality-driven imagery. On offer is always a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or a glass of water while we get to know each other.

The studio surrounds of the Julia Nance Portraits photography studio. Image shows australian trees and fauna in the foreground and the Old Lilydale Road shops in the background.
The studio surrounds of the Julia Nance Portraits photography studio. Image shows australian trees and fauna.
The studio surrounds of the Julia Nance Portraits photography studio. Image shows australian trees and fauna.
The studio surrounds of the Julia Nance Portraits photography studio. Image shows australian trees and fauna.
The studio surrounds of the Julia Nance Portraits photography studio. Image shows australian trees and fauna.
Melbourne business owner photographed in a candid and relaxed lifestyle portrait during an outdoor personal branding photoshoot.
Actor headshot of teen actress taken in natural light outdoors in Melbourne.
Melbourne author smiles and looks away from camera in headshot update.
A candid branding portrait of a woman, who looks away from camera while walking outside in a natural outdoor setting in melbourne.

The Natural Surroundings

We are lucky to have a beautiful, leafy strip across from our studio. This is a wonderful area to capture outdoor headshots and portraits with a natural setting.

I always encourage morning and afternoon sessions for the most beautiful light for outdoor portraiture.

Studio Background Options:

Inside my studio there are lots of background options, from vibrant pops of colour to sleek neutrals. There are also environmental settings we can play with, including couches, a desk and linen curtains. I consider outfit, hair, and eye colour, and pair colours to create cohesion and style.

Mature actor looks to camera in serious actor headshot update taken in studio
Melbourne actor smiles away from camera on colourful studio background for headshot.
Professional business portrait of a Melbourne accountant, wearing a suit with his arms crossed.
Headshot of melbourne actor Lindsay who wears a checked flannel shirt and smiles to camera on an orange background.
Modern corporate headshot of Melbourne man taken on an orange background
Melbourne actor headshot taken in studio on a green background. Aaron has a relaxed smile and wears a combination of green and white, creating a cohesive and striking result.
A happy and relaxed studio headshot of melbourne man wearing a green tshirt on a green background, taken in studio.
Melbourne actress looks to camera with serious and relaxed expression for acting headshot update.
Melbourne model portrait taken of a male model on an olive green background. He is seated and leaning in a modern pose, with a serious expression.
Professional corporate headshot of woman smiling softly to camera on a navy blue background.
Melbourne teen model in a portfolio update, showing a candid smile looking away from camera.
A colourful and joyful headshot of melbourne podcaster Kate, who wears a vibrant patterned jumper and white framed glasses.
Melbourne actor smiles to camera on blue studio background for actor headshot update.
Melbourne LinkedIn headshot with natural smile and colourful purple background.
Studio actor headshot of young Melbourne woman smiling to camera wearing pink checks on a pink background.
Melbourne actress poses in studio wearing a pink blazer in a confident stance.
Melbourne actor and musician looks to camera with serious expression in actor headshot update.
Full length portrait of melbourne dancer and model
Melbourne barrister headshot of man smiling to camera wearing a suit and tie.
teen actor headshot image of girl in studio on a grey background.
Melbourne actress looks up at camera with a relaxed expression for a clean studio headshot.
Personal branding headshot of Bridgette who sits confidently in a grey armchair for a studio portrait - taken in melbourne.
Professional linkedin headshot of melbourne barrister who smiles confidently, wearing glasses.
Contemporary corporate branding portraits of man sitting down. He has his hands clasped and a gentle expression on his face. The image has dramatic lighting, and the man wears a professional blazer and suit pants.
Headshot of melbourne actor Peter, who looks to camera with a slight smile. He wears all black and is photographed in a studio.
Professional portrait of woman wearing all black, smiling to camera. She has a black hat and is holding it with one hand. On her hand you can see a colourful tattoo or a turtle.
Studio headshot of Melbourne teen actress. The image has a black background and the model has a serious expression.

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