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A collage of corporate headshots, branding portraits and actor headshots. Some images are taken in a studio and other images are taken outdoors, with a range of background colours.

Melbourne Headshot & Personal Branding Photography

Julia Nance is a headshot photographer specialising in Corporate Headshot Photography, Actor Headshots, and Personal Branding Photography at her eastern suburbs studio and on location.

Julia Nance Portraits

Professional Headshots & Personal Branding

Julia Nance is a headshot photographer specialising in Corporate Headshot Photography, Actor Headshots, and Personal Branding Photography in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

What do you need?
> Corporate headshots & personal branding portraits
> Actor headshots & portfolio images
> Staff headshots at our workplace

Hello! I’m Julia,
A Melbourne headshot photographer and personal branding specialist, helping everyday people showcase themselves as the professionals they are. 

Julia Nance stands out the front of her professional portrait studio. She has blonde hair, glasses and has her arms crossed in a relaxed manner.

If you’re looking for professional headshot and personal branding photography, then you’re in the right place. I help the everyday person transform their online image into something they can be proud of. 

The Julia Nance Portraits studio located in Ringwood East, Victoria. I work with lots of people from all over Melbourne, with clients travelling from as far as Bairnsdale and Geelong. 

My studio is the perfect environment for headshot and personal branding photography sessions, but if you need something at your workplace, I offer that too.

Whether you’re looking for a professional corporate headshot, an actor headshot that showcases your type, or staff headshots of your team – I’m here to help.

My process is all about getting to know you, your goals, and what you want your headshots to say. You will find your experience is highly personalised, and I pride myself on good results from start to finish.

So I can help give you all the right information. . .
What photography session do you need?

Actor & Performer Headshots

Corporate Headshots & Personal Branding

Professional LinkedIn Headshots

Staff Headshots & On-Site Branding

Why Julia Nance Portraits?
Here’s how I help & prioritise you:

No Outfit Limits

No restrictions on you expressing yourself – change your outfit as much as you like.

Studio & Outdoor Options

Beautiful outdoor options right outside the studio door in Ringwood East!

No-Rush Environment

Sessions options range from 30 minutes to half a day. We can capture everything you need.

Professional Retouching

No quick, cheap filters or skin-blurring on your headshots. Your images are professionally retouched right into the little details.

Efficient Results

Quick turnaround on final digital images for actors and businesses, you can use them within 3-4 working days!

Flexible Session Times

Sometimes taking time away from work isn't practical. This is why I offer flexible session times in the evenings and on Saturdays.

A relaxed outdoor headshot of a woman sitting down. She wears a green top with a scarf around her shoulders.
Contemporary corporate branding portraits of man sitting down. He has his hands clasped and a gentle expression on his face. The image has dramatic lighting, and the man wears a professional blazer and suit pants.
Corporate headshot taken of a staff member in office environment. Background is a blurred city building taken out of a high rise melbourne location.
A smiling man poses for a personal branding portrait. He has one hand leaning on a wine barrel and is smiling at the camera.
Actor headshot of a Woman photographed in a studio wears a pink cardigan and glasses. She has a knowing look in her eye.
A man dressed in a suit stands outside a hospital for a professional doctors portrait
Author portrait of a woman leaning against a tree, surrounded by nature. She is smiling gently and looking at the camera.
Actor headshot of young man wearing a white collared shirt. The background is a peach apricot, and he has a serious expression.
Actor headshot of young woman in a studio environment with dramatic lighting. One half of her face is in shadow.
Woman poses for corporate headshot in an outdoor setting. She wears blue ruffled sleeves and behind her the background is soft and blurred.
A woman poses for a calm actor headshot in a studio environment.
Personal branding portrait of a woman wearing a blue tie dyed top. She has a soft, closed mouth smile and is outdoors.
Corporate headshot of man seated in an armchar. He has his hands together and wears a professional blazer, top and jeans.
Woman looks away from camera while smiling. She wears a professional corporate outfit with a bright red cardigan. She is seated with her legs crossed.
Young man smiling while wearing a white tshirt in a studio performer headshot.
Woman outdoors smiles at the camera for a relaxed headshot. She wears a white top and has brown shoulder length hair.
Woman photographed on a green background in a studio smiles for an actor headshot.
Man sits on log with hands clasped together. He is looking away from the camera for a candid branding portrait.

"Julia made the entire process so seamless and comfortable. She provided a level of service which was unbelieveable, and by far one of the best I've actually received throughout any industry"
- Abel K

Booking your headshot with Julia Nance Portraits ensures you’re in capable hands…

As a headshot qualified photographer, with a Bachelor of Photography degree from RMIT University, I’ve been trained by some of Australia’s top commercial photographers.

I’ll help direct and pose you (so you’re looking natural) and together we will review all the shots as we go. The result? Amazing headshots and branding portraits that capture your essence.

I truly care about you, and it is my goal for you to walk away with not only amazing headshots, but a great experience.

Find out more:

Julia Nance in her professional headshot photography studio, working at laptop

What you need is a professional headshot that is authentic and will ultimately lead you to more work.

You need a dedicated headshot photographer.
Luckily, that's where I come in.
Image of a magazine laid open on a surface. You can see photos of a woman posing.

Does the idea of stepping in front of the camera feel daunting to you?

My posing guide features over 100 images to help you discover and learn flattering, easy poses that the everyday person can pull off!

The posing guide is complimentary to all full sessions booked, or you can purchase it separately. 

Click to learn more about the guide here.

Julia's Professional Photography Studio. Located in Ringwood East, Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

Professional headshot photography in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

2/11 Old Lilydale Road, Ringwood East, VIC

To really nail your headshot, you need to feel relaxed. That’s why the Julia Nance Portraits studio creates a calm atmosphere where you can feel at home. Based in Ringwood East, Victoria, you’ll find a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our leafy suburb is only 5 minutes from Eastlink – with plenty of free parking available.

With beautiful outdoor scenery right opposite the studio, we can achieve amazing outdoor headshots or beautiful branding portraits.

Of course inside you’ll find a clean and modern interior, with high-end gear that allows me to do my job. Enjoy some refreshments while we shoot, and some music of your choice in the background. It’s a relaxing environment where I create all my indoor headshots and branding portraits.

You’ll find amazing opportunities here, and I can’t wait to bring you into my space!

Interior image of the Julia Nance Portraits Studio. In the studio you can see couches and artwork

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Headshot Photographer:

  1. With a BA degree in commercial photography, I understand the theory of lighting, colour, and composition, and will utilise them for outstanding results.
  2. High-quality photographic equipment makes a big difference in quality compared to images taken on a phone or point-and-shoot camera.
  3. Professional coaching and direction to make you camera-confident. And I really care: I want you to love your photos too.
  4. You’re given professional knowledge to help you prepare. Pre-shoot guides covering everything from outfits to posing.
  5. Polished and professional retouching puts the finishing touches on your final photographs – ensuring you look authentic, without tacky filters.

Still not sure if you need a professional headshot?
Keep reading.

Professional Headshot Photography Melbourne: The difference between a selfie and corporate headshot

Why You Need A Professional Headshot:

Most people feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. You might have already taken some photos of yourself, or asked your partner to take one for you. Chances are, it’s not cutting it in the professional world.

A professional headshot needs to capture your personality, your welcoming smile, your brand, and your professionalism. All of that paired with great lighting, spot on composition, and at high resolution.

Plus, the general public can tell when you’ve skipped a professional.

Take the Leap:

Put yourself first & invest in a professional headshot photography session to give the right impressions.