Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before booking your portraiture session:

Booking Deposit & Rates:
1.1: A deposit will be required upon making your booking. Session deposits are $100.
1.2: Session rates are subject to change for future bookings, and you cannot claim a previous session rate if the rates have changed.

2: If you cancel your session with more than 7 days notice, your deposit will be refunded to you minus any merchant fees (usually 2.2%).
The deposit is non-refundable for cancellations within 7 days before a session. You may choose to reschedule your session (see point 3).

Change of session date and time:
3.1: Sessions can be changed with no loss of deposit with more than 72hrs notice before your session time.
3.2: If you change your session within 72hrs,  you will lose your deposit, and the deposit amount will be added to your invoice. Some exceptions may apply.

4.1: If we plan to shoot outdoors, we may need to reschedule your session due to weather, or change to a studio session with no loss to your deposit.
If you are unable to reschedule, and cannot shoot indoors, your deposit will be refunded to you.

Images and Image Proofs:
5.1: If you have any specific shoot requirements, please discuss with me prior to the shoot. We will review the photos are we go to ensure we capture your requirements.
5.2: Image proofs are for viewing only. These images are not to be used for personal or commercial use. Any use, redistribution, or altering of proofs is considered a copyright breach.

6.1: Basic retouching is included in the fee. Basic retouching covers adjustments to contrast, colour, cropping, and basic skin cleanup.
6.2: If you desire more advanced retouching, extra fees will apply and the delivery time of your images may need to be extended.

Image Delivery:
7: For actors and corporate packages including digital images, we aim for digital images to be delivered within three working days.
During busy times allow one week after you have selected your final images for your photos to be delivered. Digital delivery is via a Dropbox link for download.

8: Payment is due in full on or prior to the day of the shoot (or as noted on your invoice). For overdue payments, fees may apply.

Extra images:
9: Your booking determines the number of final images you will receive – digital or printed. Extra digital images, prints, wall art, and albums can be purchased in addition to your session/package.

Ownership, Copyright, and Permission for Use (Licensing):
10.1: When booking a photoshoot session you agree that Julia Nance is the sole and exclusive owner to all photos, and reserves all rights and copyright of the photos.
10.2: For the number of digital files included in your session, you are granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the photos. You agree that under your license you will not use the photos for: unlawful use, on products for resale, and/or sublicensing.

11.1: Julia Nance Portraits is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals. If you wish to view this in full, please click here.
11.3: You can choose to opt out of having your images included in our portfolio (website, social media, marketing materials in print and digital) by lettings us know in writing. You may opt out of your image(s) being used at any time.

12.1: At Julia Nance Portraits we do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction with the process and final results. To ensure you’re happy with the photos, we review and discuss the shots as we go. If you require any changes to the photos or approach, please discuss it with us during your shoot, and we encourage you to express any concerns so we can address them. We always check that you are happy with the images before you leave, due to this, we cannot guarantee a refund if you later decide you are unhappy with your results.
12.2: If you find you are unhappy with the images after our shoot, please get in touch so we can discuss and find an appropriate resolution.
12.3: If you require a refund of your deposit, it will be returned to you via the merchant, minus any merchant fees (2.2%). When booking online, your payment will be taken by Square, and refunded via Square. Refunds may take 7-10 days for processing, depending on your bank.