Terms And Conditions:

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before booking your portraiture session:

    • Bookings:

      When booking your headshot session you can choose a studio session, or an outdoor session. These sessions run independently, so if you wish to have both studio and outdoor images taken, two sessions will need to be booked.

    • Deposit and Cancellations:

      2.1: A deposit will be required upon making your booking. Session deposits are $50.
      2.2: If you cancel your session with more than one weeks notice, this amount will be refunded to you. The deposit is non refundable for cancellations within one week before a session. You may choose to reschedule your session (see point 3).

    • Change of session:

      Sessions can be changed if you are unable to make your original time slot, or if the weather becomes undesirable. Your $50 deposit remains if you change your session with more than 48hrs before your session time.
      3.2: If you require to change your session time within 48hrs before your session, then you will lose your $50 deposit and it will be required for you to make another. This will be added to your invoice, and payment is expected within 48 hours to secure your new session date.

  • Weather:

    For outdoor sessions when weather is undesirable, we may need to reschedule your session. If this is the case, your deposit will go towards your new session.
    4.2: If for some reason you are unable to book again, and your session is cancelled due to weather, your deposit will be refunded to you. We will always try to make the shoot work, however sometimes it is better to reschedule as to avoid enduring unpleasant conditions.
    4.3: You are welcome to change your outdoor session to a studio session for no additional charges (Lilydale studio) if preferred.

  • Rates:

    5.1: Session rates are subject to change. Once you have booked your session, the rate of which you booked will still apply and be locked in! Even if the rate has changed on my website.
    5.2: If you make a future session (in subsequent months or years), the session rate advertised at the time of your booking will be the rate which applies. You cannot claim a previous session rate if the rates have changed.

  • Sessions:

    6.1: Each headshot shoot runs for a specific time limit as specified in my packages. This includes any outfit changes that you may desire.
    6.2: Prior to the session we will discuss the look, lighting, and feel for your headshot over email so this can be prepared as much as possible before you arrive. This will allow for more time to photograph and interact with you.
    6.3: If you decide upon arrival you wish for a completely different lighting setup as to what we discussed, this may take away some of your shooting time in the one hour session, however I will endeavour to be as efficient as possible.

  • Image Selection:

    7.1: If you have any particular shoot requirements (such as various angles, outfits, or cropping) that you require, please discuss with me prior to the shoot starting, so we can work together to achieve those results. We will have a look at the photos together during the shoot so you can let me know what you are liking or not liking.
    7.2: After your session you will receive a PDF contact sheet to view the images and select what images you would like as final edited files. The files you choose will be retouched, and once completed, they will be transferred digitally via Dropbox. These proof images are not final images and they are for viewing purposes only. Please see point 12.2.

  • Retouching:

    8.1: Basic retouching is included in the fee. Basic retouching covers adjustments to contrast and levels, colour adjustments, basic blemish and skin cleanup.
    8.2: If you desire more retouching on your images, extra fees will apply and the delivery time of your images may need to be extended. Please discuss this with me prior or during your shoot if you have any questions. Please see the work on my website to have an expectation of  the level of retouching included.

  • Image Delivery:

    Please allow one week after you have selected your final images for your photos to be delivered to you digitally. Digital delivery is via Dropbox, in a secure password protected album. Please discuss with me if this option does not work for you.

  • Payment:

    10.1: A $50 deposit is required upon booking. Payment can be made via direct deposit or paypal within 48 hours of receiving an official invoice. You may choose to pay the full session fee prior or upon arrival at your shoot.
    10.2: Payment must be made in full on the day of the shoot, if not paid prior.

  • Extra images:

    Each package includes a set number of final images. If you would like to purchase additional images from the amount specified in your package, images can be purchased for a per-image fee. Please see my pricing page and refer to the ‘extras’.

  • Ownership, Copyright, and Permission for Use:

    12.1: When booking a photoshoot session you acknowledge that ownership and fully copyright of the photos remains with me, the photographer. You give permission for the images taken of you, your family, or children to be used online on my website and social media, and in any print forms that may be used to advertise my business or display my photographic work. A model release will need to be signed on the day of the session, and if the subject is under 18, a model release will need to be signed by a parent or guardian. If you would prefer your images not to be posted online, please discuss this on the day of your session.
    12.2: Image proofs are for viewing only, and are provided for you to make your final selection of images. These images are not to be used for personal or commercial use, and in doing so is considered a copyright breach. The image proofs should not be cropped, altered, edited, posted online, redistributed or printed. Once you have found the images you wish to have edited (or images to purchase as additional prints), please pass the image numbers onto me so I can edit the final files.
    12.3: Your final digital files are licensed to you to use as you wish. The final files can be printed and posted online. They may be used on your website, social media, and to promote yourself. You are licensed to use the final images, but this license does not allow you to sell or redistribute the final images.

  • Privacy:

    13.1: To make a booking some personal details will need to be shared with me via my booking form online, or via email (such as your name, phone number and email).
    13.2: Your information will remain private and confidential. It will not be shared or posted publicly. The information is used for invoicing and contact purposes. Your email address will be a primary point of contact before and after the session, for things relating to your session. Julia Nance Portraits is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals. If you wish to view this in full, please send me an email.