Tips For Better Headshots

Headshots are some of the most important photographs some people have taken. It is a tool for a first impression. For Actors, they are used for auditions, and can be what makes a casting director look towards one actor over another. Business headshots create trust with clients, and put the face to the business. So what are some headshot tips?

Have a look at the points below, and keep them in mind for your headshot session.

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Headshot Tips:

1 –  Know what you want to get out of your session before you get there.

2 – Find examples of headshots you love, and show your photographer beforehand.

3 – Wear something comfortable and something which makes you feel confident.

4 – Stay relaxed, and trust your photographer. They will direct you to look your best.

5 – Leaning forward very slightly at the torso will help you look less startled, and more relaxed. Try to avoid leaning away from the camera too much.

6 – Chin slightly forward and neck extended will reduce appearance of double chins. Your photographer will guide you in these areas, but practice in the mirror to find the best head angles that work for you.

7 – Soften your eyes, and make them smile.

8 – Keep yourself looking natural – don’t overdo your makeup or hairstyling. Remember – you want to be recognisable!

9 – Pick a photographer whose work you love, and who specialises in headshots or portraits. Make sure you love everything from their photographic style to their retouching.

10 – Bring along extra outfit options, hairbrush, pins and ties, and wear comfortable shoes (bring the heels along in a bag, and put them on if you take full length shots.

After Booking:

Always talk to your photographer before your session. Discuss everything you are not sure about and send plenty of examples of photographs you love. This will help to create a visual mood board and act as a guide for when shoot day comes around.

For more tips and advice on getting the most from your headshot and portrait sessions, feel free to read through my other Headshot tips and advice throughout my blog!