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Power Dressing for Your Business Headshot

Power Dressing for Your Business Headshot Photography is important to everyone. It’s used to tell stories, evoke thoughts, even define personality, and that’s no different when it comes to business headshots. Some of the biggest companies in the world find those shots important enough to feature them on their websites with top-level CEOs like Satya Nadella of Microsoft. Nadella, who became the CEO of the software giant in 2014, clearly takes his headshot seriously. His clothing matches that relaxed but […]

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2021 Style Guide For Headshots & Personal Branding

2021 Style Guide For Headshots & Personal Branding 5 personal branding trends to follow 2021 feels like a fresh of breath air. In Melbourne, 2020 had us enduring long lockdowns and disruption to business and daily life. But now, 2021 has an uplifting feel in the air. We resume our normal life, and people are beginning to get back into their routines again. While we in a covid lockdown up last year, many of us had a lot of time […]

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When To Update Your Headshots

If you’re currently using a headshot across your social platforms, email and website, then that’s great – you’re on the right track. However, it’s important to make sure your headshot stays up to date and relevant. What should my headshot say? Essentially, your headshot communicates who you are. It’s a vice to guide first impressions. Which is why it’s important that your headshot is capturing the right things. For you, this might be looking professional, trustworthy and friendly. Or it […]

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How to take a headshot - 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer

How to take a headshot – 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer.

Covid-19 has most of us in complete lockdown, and for those in Australia right now, going to a professional headshot photographer is out of the question. While what we do is important, it’s not classed as essential, and it’s certainly important for us to all do our part and stay home if we can. So while travelling to a professional photographer right now is a big no-no, you might find yourself in a situation where you want to find out […]

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Headshot Crop Ratios

Choosing A Crop Ratio: Headshots are generally head and shoulders, but there’s a lot more to consider. Many people are moving away from the standard tight headshot crop, and opting for a range of mid-length branding images that show a little more of who they are. But we’ll dive into this later. When it comes to an actual head and shoulders headshot, the final crop is an important consideration. You can choose from various different cropping options depending on the […]

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Headshot Style Ideas

The concept of a headshot is simple enough. You know that you need an updated image. It needs to make sure that you’re recognisable. The image should be professional, and it should relate to what you do. But when it comes to a headshot or branding portrait, there are so many choices and considerations you can make. Many of my clients give me creative license to help them with choices like backgrounds, lightings and outfits. I love being able to […]

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Who needs a headshot?

A professional headshot is an important branding tool for all careers. The question of who needs a headshot (or, if YOU need a headshot), is simply answered by the question: “Do you want to make a great first impression?” If your answer is “yes”, then the next step is to start looking at your online appearance. If that be across your social media profiles, website, online CV. Or even in printed marketing materials such as flyers, business cards and signage. […]

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What you can get out of a personal branding session.

“A personal branding photoshoot? I’m not ready for that!” It’s all too common! So many of us feel self-doubt and can relate to ‘impostor syndrome’. Many people don’t feel ready to have a professional photoshoot, or simply believe they’re not worthy. And if it’s not this then it’s an array of excuses like “I would like to lose a bit more weight”, “I’m not photogenic” or “I just don’t have time – it’s not a priority”. These feelings are real […]

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How Lighting Is Everything: illuminating your way to a good headshot.

Lighting, it’s what makes a great headshot. It is lighting that sets good photography apart from mediocre photography. So when it comes to headshots and portraiture, the lighting is really important – it can even make or break the shot. It can be the difference between you been perceived as either professional or unprofessional. Not only is your professional reputation on the line, but the lighting in your headshot or portrait also sets the tone and mood of the image. […]

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What You Must Know Before Hiring A Photographer

Guest Blog by Alex Morrison Camera technology on smartphones has improved leaps and bounds with each iteration. The built-in sensors and processors now do all the heavy lifting. With a simple tap of a button you can take gorgeous images that beautifully capture any moment. You don’t need to lug around heavy or expensive equipment either as most smartphones can easily fit in a pocket. There are many situations where a smartphone camera is perfectly adequate: Capturing everyday moments of […]

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