Tips for better staff photos.

Tips for better staff photos.

Tips for better staff photos.

Melbourne LinkedIn headshot for local barrister, wearing a light grey checked suit, smiling to camera.Are you looking to up the profile of your business by incorporating professional staff headshots? This is a simple way to stand out and showcase your company (or the business you work for), above everyone else.

After all, staff are the unique asset that each business have, and by showing your staff across your website and marketing, you establish the team as leaders and allow for a building of trust from the get-go.

People like to know who they are working with, and staff headshots are a simple way to achieve this – but you need to get it right.

How to get the most out of your staff headshot shoot:

Find A Great Photographer:

This is the first step you need to make. Find a photographer who has a fanstastic body of work, and a collection of images that you can see are taken in different scenarios. You want a photographer who can work across various lighting conditions and meet different briefs.

Look for a photographer who will give a personalised approach to make your staff feel comfortable. Your photographer should take the time to speak with you to learn about the business, and offer ideas on how to best represent your brand.

Design Your Photoshoot:

You might have a company branding guide or existing images to match. If this is the case, you can forward and discuss with your chosen photographer.

If you dont have these things, then it is up to you and the photographer to discuss the best options to tie into your existing branding.

You will need to discuss the background, crop length, lighting, and the overall feel.

You need to consider if you want all the staff facing the same direction or if they can be varied.

Discuss how you want the staff to look/pose, so the photographer can give the right guidance on the day.

Prepare Your Staff:

Most staff will shy away from the idea of a staff headshot photoshoot. It is intimidating, and often comes from bad experiences in the past.

They need as much information to prepare. Most importantly: they need to know if this is a simple headshot (head and shoulders) or if the portrait will include more of their body (mid or full length). This will help them decide what to wear. You should also guide them on dress code: things to wear or not wear, colours to avoid or colours to include.

Give them an overview of the structure of the shoot: how long it will go for, and when they can expect to be photographed.

Stay Organised:

Planning a staff headshot day can be a big effort. If you have a chance to schedule time slots, this can help smooth the day. Staff know when they are expected to be photographed, and it keeps the day moving. If there is a staff member available to facilitate the shoot by grabbing staff when needed, this works well for particularly large groups of staff.

Ready to organise a staff headshot day?

I’m a staff headshot and corporate photographer based in Melbourne Australia. My experience with staff headshot photography varies from small teams to multi-day shoots. No matter the size of your team, my approach is relaxed and guided to help bring the best out of each person.

Get in touch to request a quote, and learn about my staff headshot process here.

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