What should a work headshot look like?

What Should A Work Headshot Look Like?

What Should A Work Headshot Look Like?

If you’re considering updating your professional headshot for work, but not too sure what it should look like, there are a few things you should aim for:

Clean, Clear Imagery.

Your work profile photo or LinkedIn headshot should be clear, professional and sharp. You need to make sure you are the focus, with nobody else in your photo with you. Your photo will ideally be taken by a professional headshot photographer with a high-end camera and flattering portrait lens.

A simple Background.

Your face should be the main focus of the headshot. The background or setting of the image should complement you, but not overpower you. Ensure that your background does not have any distractions (such as shadows, background details etc).

Connected Expression.

Your expression can be the most difficult piece of the puzzle to get right. Depending on your personality and field, you may wish to have a big smile, a smaller smile or even a serious expression. Make sure that you’re happy with how you’re reflected in the final headshot. Most of the time I suggest a smiling image for a work headshot. This is an easy way to convey approachability, professionalism and trust through a headshot.

Clear, visible Eyes.

Avoid wearing dark glasses (sunglasses or the transition type that darkens outdoors). Your eyes are the feature point of the photo that we all connect to, and are arguably the most important part of a headshot. You want to ensure the headshot is well lit and we can see your eyes clearly (and that they are sharp and in focus). A catchlight in your eyes will help draw attention to them.

Professional Clothing.

Your clothing should be work-appropriate in a work headshot. Wear something that you would normally wear if you were meeting a top client, giving a presentation, or attending a networking event.

Great Lighting.

The key for a good headshot to become a great headshot is professional lighting. Make sure your portrait illuminates your face clearly.

Melbourne LinkedIn headshot for local barrister, wearing professional black attire and wearing glasses.

Looking for a photographer to capture a professional LinkedIn Headshot?

Check out my LinkedIn Headshot Sessions, or send my website through to your marketing department in your workplace. I work with individuals and teams to capture professional headshots.

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