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Creating a custom stock library with staff branding

Creating A Custom Stock Library With In-Situ Staff Branding Photography What makes your business unique? You may have many answers for this: location, customer service, your products, your branding. What often doesn’t come to mind as quickly, is your staff. In reality, the people with have in our businesses are what makes them most unique. The teams we have bring personality into our businesses, whether they are customer facing or working behind the scenes. Most of us relate better to […]

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Personal branding portrait of Mother and daughter artist duo from Aurora art - photographed outside their Melbourne art gallery.

Featuring Local Business – Aurora Art Gallery!

Aurora Art 13 Old Lilydale Road, Ringwood East In a series of blog posts, I’m introducing the wonderful businesses in the strip of shops on Old Lilydale Road. Why? As a community project. This is where my studio is located, and I have loved every minute of being here. The community is wonderful, and the businesses and tenants were so welcoming. Here we are with a feature of Aurora Art Gallery – run by Mother and Daughter duo, Lani and […]

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Melbourne business owner sits in a relaxed poses wearing a white shirt and yellow pants. She smiles to camera for a personal branding portrait.

You may be asking: “How do I create a brand for myself?”. Let me tell you.

How do you create a brand for yourself? Personal branding – it’s moved on from the buzzword and now it’s in all of our vocabularies. As the world becomes more and more ‘online’ the way we present ourselves (our brand) becomes more and more important and prominent. When figuring out what your personal brand is, you need to first understand how you present yourself and communicate with others. Once you’ve figured the keywords of your personal brand, we can understand […]

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Melbourne actress smiling for a relaxed actor headshot. She wears a blue blazer and is in front of an earthy brown background in a studio.

How to find a good headshot photographer.

How do I find a good headshot photographer? Have you ever struggled having your photograph taken before? Finding the process awkward or uncomfortable?Did you end up with headshots that didn’t feel right, or even really look like you? If so, it’s likely that you haven’t quite bonded with your photographer. It could be that the conversation didn’t flow, you don’t like their photography style, or they over-retouched your photos. Finding a headshot photographer sounds simple enough, but there are things […]

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Image is bright pink with white text saying "year in review 2022"

2022 in review

2022 YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 was a great year, and it is mind-blowing to think we are now in 2023! Over the past few years in business there have been many changes – not only within Julia Nance Portraits, but changes across the headshot and personal branding trends as a whole. I’ll cover the 2023 branding trends to look out for soon, but first, here is a recap of my favourite 2022 moments to inspire you for the year ahead! […]

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Outdoor headshot of woman in melbourne sunshine.

2021 Style Guide For Headshots & Personal Branding

2021 Style Guide For Headshots & Personal Branding 5 personal branding trends to follow 2021 feels like a fresh of breath air. In Melbourne, 2020 had us enduring long lockdowns and disruption to business and daily life. But now, 2021 has an uplifting feel in the air. We resume our normal life, and people are beginning to get back into their routines again. While we in a covid lockdown up last year, many of us had a lot of time […]

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How to take a headshot - 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer

How to take a headshot – 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer.

How To Take A Headshot Tips from a professional headshot photographer In Melbourne, Covid-19 had most of us in complete lockdown for months. While we were all working from home and staying in isolation, I put together a guide to assist people in capturing an updated headshot. After all, nobody was able to go to a professional headshot photographer! Since then, this blog post has brought people to my website from all over the world (it’s a little crazy, actually!).┬áSo […]

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Melbourne staff headshot with grey studio background

Staff Headshots and Branding Images for True Blue Migration

Collaborative Projects: True Blue Migration are located in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. They’re immigration agents who help those seeking residency in Australia achieve the correct Visas and Citizenships. They’re a tight-knit team who work closely with clients, often over a matter of years, to help them achieve outcomes that are literally lifechanging. I have had the opportunity to work with True Blue Migration twice now. On each occasion, I captured their staff headshots and a series of branding photographs […]

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Woman Smiling Naturally - personal branding photography melbourne - Linkedin Heashots - Corporate Headshots

Headshot Style Ideas

The concept of a headshot is simple enough. You know that you need an updated image. It needs to make sure that you’re recognisable. The image should be professional, and it should relate to what you do. But when it comes to a headshot or branding portrait, there are so many choices and considerations you can make. Many of my clients give me creative license to help them with choices like backgrounds, lightings and outfits. I love being able to […]

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Melbourne staff headshot of employee on light grey background

Who needs a headshot?

A professional headshot is an important branding tool for all careers. The question of who needs a headshot (or, if YOU need a headshot), is simply answered by the question: “Do you want to make a great first impression?” If your answer is “yes”, then the next step is to start looking at your online appearance. If that be across your social media profiles, website, online CV. Or even in printed marketing materials such as flyers, business cards and signage. […]

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