Professional corporate headshot of melbourne accountant wearing glasses and a formal suit. He smiles to camera on a light grey studio background.

Questions To Ask To See If It’s Time for a New LinkedIn Profile Photo.

Is It Time for a New LinkedIn Profile Photo? Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Out Have you ever stopped and thought “I need to update my LinkedIn profile?” Maybe you’ve just landed a new job, started your own business, or made a significant career change. Whatever the reason, updating your LinkedIn profile is a great way to show potential employers and connections your latest accomplishments and skills. Look at your current profile photo on LinkedIn. Is it still an […]

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Melbourne woman smiles confidently to camera, wearing a grey blazer and patterned glasses for a relaxed but professional linkedin headshot.

Professional headshots: are they worth the money?

Are professional headshots worth the money? If you’re here, then you’re probably wondering if you should invest in a professional headshot. And you’re probably also wondering if you should trust the words of a professional headshot photographer. Those are two very valid things to wonder.  But regardless of my bias as a headshot photographer, I wanted to take you through some of the things that DO make a professional headshot worth the money… Posing, expression coaching, and everything that helps […]

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Tips We Can Glean From Great Actors’ Headshots

Tips We Can Glean From Great Actors’ Headshots There are all sorts of different ways to take a great headshot, and all kinds of reasons to do so. But whether you’re having headshots taken for professional branding, for an acting portfolio, or even simply for personal use on social media profiles, you’ll naturally want to make sure you look your best! This is something a skilled professional photographer can help you with in any number of ways. But it’s also […]

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