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Acting Headshots Serious

Not All Acting Headshots Need To Be Serious.

Seriously. Your acting headshots need to show an honest representation of you. They also need to portray the performances you want to go for. What work are you usually cast for? If you play the young mum, or the Summer Bay surfer girl, these characters aren’t always best reflected with serious expressions. So it’s best to speak to your agent about the headshots you need in your portfolio. Versatility: Acting headshots need to show the versatility of your skillset. You […]

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Tips For Better Headshots

Headshots are some of the most important photographs some people have taken. It is a tool for a first impression. For Actors, they are used for auditions, and can be what makes a casting director look towards one actor over another. Business headshots create trust with clients, and put the face to the business. So what are some headshot tips? Have a look at the points below, and keep them in mind for your headshot session. Headshot Tips: 1 –  Know […]

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Coordinating your Personal Branding with an Image of Yourself

Building a personal brand is something we should all be thinking about. Being online provides endless opportunities for strangers (and potential clients or employers) to cast quick and ruthless first impressions. So how exactly can an image affect your personal branding? You Are The Face Of Your Business, and Your Brand: Whether you love looking at photos of yourself or not, you have to accept that you are the face of your own personal brand. Personal branding includes how you […]

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5 Reasons Why A Professional Headshot Is Important For your Business

People Are Already Searching You and Your Business. Have you ever googled your name and gone into Google images? Did you like what you found? Would you like other people to see those images as a representation of you? With the age of social media, Linkedin, websites and Instagram, photos of ourselves are everywhere. It is easier than ever to search people and brands before we ever interact with them. This makes first impressions even more important. Your image online […]

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Black and White VS Colour Headshots

Black and White, or Colour? Sometimes it is hard to know what is going to be better. A black and white portrait or a colour portrait? Both can be absolutely stunning, but some people can really have a preference. Personal opinion is a big one when it comes to this, so we will do a few comparisons below. Purpose: Sometimes you know when you want a black and white portrait. Some industries have trends, so it can feel best to […]

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Headshot Advice: What to Wear to a Headshot session

How do clothes tie the shoot together? This is pretty important headshot advice. Clothing really makes the difference between standing out and blending in, and clothes tell us so much about ourselves everyday. When we attend important events, interviews and auditions, most people consider what they wear pretty important. Your headshot is like an interview, meeting, and audition every single day, to everyone who sees it. Headshot Advice: Feeling Comfortable & Dressing as yourself It is best to stick to […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Have Your Outdoor Portrait Taken

The Big Question for Your Outdoor Portrait: Everyone wants their portrait to be beautiful. Most people understand that good lighting makes a world of difference to an image: particularly when looking at an outdoor portrait. Often I am asked: “When is the best time to have my portrait taken?”. Beautiful light depends on many factors: Primarily, it is your definition of beautiful light. Does beautiful light mean strong contrast, or beautifully soft? Therefore, answering this question is not a simple […]

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Creating Characters

Creating Characters within Portrait Photography

Creating Characters Nailing your type in your actor headshots Headshots and portraits are not just about pretty images or beautiful people. Stories and characters create great portraits, and a compelling portrait has something more to say. Particularly for actor headshots, the character that you portray in your headshot is incredibly important. That’s why I encourage actors to dive into understanding their personal brand and ‘type’ before we even get to the session. Knowing what you are most likely to be […]

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