Acting Headshot Libraries. What is yours missing?

Your Headshot Library:

Actors need to have great headshots – that we all know. But for different jobs one amazing headshot might not cut it. Begin considering the various roles you are aiming for. If you are interested in being in a crime drama, make sure you have shots that reflect this. Additionally, you may need some more commercial images if you’re considering getting into commercial acting as well. Your crime-drama headshot might not suit playing the happy mother of a TVC.


Getting in the room is your goal right? You know you need your headshot to stand out to casting directors. Once you have their attention with that headshot – hold it. What else do you have to show? How else are you portraying your acting abilities? Show a little more about who you are, and what you can perform.

Show various characters! Consider if you want shots that portray various traits and roles: dramatic and serious, kind, comedic, outgoing, reserved.

Your headshot is your first point of contact with the casting directors. Make sure you have the right shots for the right roles. Your main headshot draws them in, but your headshot library shows your talent and versatility.

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