Meet The Team: an important webpage for all businesses.

Who Is Behind Your Business?

I look through a lot of websites. One thing I dislike, is an impersonal website.

Anyone can make a website now. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace – all these platforms have taken away the complexity of coding for the everyday person. Which is why I think it is more important than ever to add validity to your website. Show your potential clients who you are. This can be achieved very simply: with a Meet The Team webpage, and a little about your business.

Would You Buy A Product From A Website With No Company Information?

I’ve worked in a camera shop previously. It’s amazing how many people will buy, or consider buying, cheap cameras from websites that have no address, phone number, or proof of actual existence. To buy confidently, e-commerce websites need to have a level of social proof and validity to gain their clients trust.

So if you are offering a service, why shouldn’t you provide the same social proof and trustworthiness?

Simple Additions To Your Website:

A Meet The Team Page:
Include quality, cohesive corporate headshots of all your team members – from your highest level partners and CEOs to your receptionists and customer service representatives. You can add a short blurb for each person with qualifications, what they do, and even something a little quirky to show their personality.

About The Company Page:
How did you get to where you are? Why did you start, and what do you offer? What problems to you solve for your clients, and what makes you special?

Having A Meet The Team Page: The Benefits:

People like to deal with people. It’s the people that make up a business, but so often websites and online presence take the people out of the equation. Including your corporate headshots on your meet the team webpage allows you to showcase the amazing talent behind your business. What makes your business better than the one next door? Your team, your point of difference, and your ability to solve clients problems.

Benefits of this webpage include:

– Shows your clients the faces behind the business and adds personalisation.
– Gives and indication of the size of your business.
– Creates meaningful connections with your clients.
– Informs of qualifications, skills and traits of your staff and creates social proof.

A meet the team webpage also shows the size of your business – is it big or small? It gives faces to names when your clients give you a call, or schedule an appointment. It shows cohesiveness as a team, and showing your team allows your clients to connect on a personal level.

Have a look at these great Meet The Team examples:

Great Team Headshots:

If you decide to add a team page to your website, or figure you need to spruce up your current one, your headshots are an important consideration.

I’ve seen websites with great, cohesive, professional headshots. I’ve seen websites with just blurbs of mysterious people with no images. There are sites with headshots, that are all mix-matched, different levels of quality, different levels of professionalism (selfies, family photos, bad lighting, terrible cropping, outdated).

Great headshots should:

– Be taken by a professional.
– Have a cohesive Style: this can be in terms of branding, lighting, colour, crop length, background, and resolution.
– Represent your personal branding.
– Be clear, engaging, and welcoming.

If you would like to discuss how headshots can improve your website and business, get in touch or register for a complimentary consultation to see how we can tailor images for your business.
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