“Window to the Soul” – How Eyes Change A Headshot.

In a headshot, the eyes are what we would like to be drawn to. It is vital that they are in focus so that they stand out and complete the shot. As they are so important, it is great to understand how to change the eyes to really make them sparkle.

“That Look”.

Some portraits have a spark to them. The eyes can communicate a lot of things – such as happiness, trust, or fierceness. Sometimes a certain look can give a sense of knowing. A major part of exploring characters and displaying emotion is within the eyes.

Staring blankly can come off as disconnected and uninteractive. You also don’t want to look like a deer in headlights.


Softening Your Stare:

In a headshot or portrait, softening the eyes can make a big difference to your overall appearance. Even with a blank expression, focusing on keeping the eyes soft, and maintaining emotion within the eyes, can change the interaction within a portrait.

By raising the bottom eyelids just slightly, we take away that ‘stand-offish’ appearance, and immediately look more relaxed, happy, and trustworthy.

Have a practice in the mirror:
Cover your mouth and look only at your eyes.
Smile, then stop smiling.
Then try to lift the bottom eyelids just slightly, while keeping your face blank.

You don’t want to squint too much and make your eyes narrow. Just lifting the lower lids slightly will make a difference, and you should see it when you practice.

Take these examples, and have a look at how the bottom eyes are softer and feel more approachable:

Kim Eyes

Louise Eyes

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Julia Nance Melbourne Corporate Headshot

Julia Nance is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her vibrant creativity is inspired by her experiences. From photographing whales underwater to travelling in Europe. With a vast background in a range of photographic areas, it is Julia’s natural ability to connect with her subjects that ultimately drew her to the art of portraiture.
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