All About My Headshot Studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Guess what? I’ve moved. This is an old post, and I have a new one introducing my studio here. My Studio is in beautiful Lilydale. So let’s take a tour: Picturesque Lilydale is to the east of Melbourne and located within the beautiful Shire of the Yarra Ranges. I grew up here, and I am lucky enough to have the studio at the back of my parent’s property within a historic Nissan Hut. It overlooks the Dandenong Ranges, and is […]

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Different Types of Portrait Lighting

The Different Types of Portrait Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. For portraiture, there are a few types of lighting that are popular, and knowing what type of lighting you like is a great start. Below, let’s look at some examples of different portraiture lighting, and some of the terms used to describe them. A professional photographer should be trained in manipulating lighting to achieve something that not only creates mood, but suits your look precisely. You can see varied lighting […]

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Backgrounds – How They Can Make or Break Your Actor Headshot.

A Great Background: Most actor headshots go for backgrounds that don’t pull the audience away from the subject. To achieve this, bokeh from using a low depth of field is a great way to create a complimentary background. A professional photographer will have high quality lenses which will help achieve this. Using basic gear and kit lenses can sometimes prevent being able to achieve this lovely effect. A strong background choice: Compliments the image with colour.  Consideration to what the […]

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Meet Bree

Bree In the Autumn Light – A Melbourne Actor Headshot Session.

A beautiful Outdoor session. Autumn is so beautiful. And of course, this session was complimented with beautiful talent, Bree. Bree is an upcoming actress who has studied acting in Queensland, and since graduating has moved to Melbourne. For our shoot we lucked out, with a wonderful, sunny, autumn afternoon with blue skies and magnificent bright light. Bree picked an afternoon session. Starting at 3pm, the session was filled with the low light that comes as the days get colder and […]

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Where To Use Your New Corporate Headshot or Portrait

Everyone should have a professional portrait/headshot of themselves. It not only looks professional, but there are a range of other benefits too. So if you have a new headshot or are thinking about getting a headshot or portrait taken, have a think about where you will use it. For different industries, there will be various uses for a professional image of yourself. Here are some of the ways you can use your new headshot. Don’t have a great headshot of […]

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Melbourne Businesses: Be The Face Of Your Business

Do You Need Your Image On Your Website? Let’s say you wanted to hire me as a photographer, you went onto my website, found my ‘About’ page, and found this (above). You can read about me. You can contact me. Maybe you can imagine me. I guess you could look me up on social media to see if I am in any of the photos there. Or perhaps you will just wait and see who I am, if you book […]

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The benefit of professional Linkedin Headshots

Professional Linkedin Headshots: I recently had the pleasure of photographing some new Linkedin headshots for Louise. This beautiful woman is my older sister who is an engineer. It was the first time I have had her sit for a portrait in the studio. She was lovely to help me with many of my photographic projects when I was younger, but this time it was great to create something to truly benefit her. As a professional in her field Louise’s previous Linkedin […]

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Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key – Corporate staff headshots.

 You Want People To Take Your Business Seriously: If this is the case, you need to take control of all aspects of your business. Don’t gloss over things. You need brand cohesion, a great marketing plan, and to show potential clients you are the real deal. You can spend thousands on setting up your website, creating a beautiful office space, developing business cards and marketing material. Where do you fall flat? I’m a big believer of having strong headshots. Of […]

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First Impressions – How Your Corporate Headshot Portrays Trust

If you dismiss the idea that the photo you have on your website, Linkedin and social media doesn’t matter, you should think twice. It’s a no brainer that businesses and professionals are all online these days. Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are all incredible resources for business. We use these platforms either to network or to market to potential clients. So what is it about our image that makes it so important? A study has found that people who look happier […]

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Outdoor Headshots or Studio Headshots? Natural Light vs Studio Light.

It is a hard choice to make between having studio photos taken, or natural light and outdoor photos taken. Both produce beautiful results but sometimes one is more suitable for you than the other. Studio Light: Studio photography is not just cheesy family portraiture on a bright white background. In the studio, your photographer has a lot of control. They can shape the light, where it goes, what shadows there are, and how much contrast there is. It is also […]

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