The benefit of professional Linkedin Headshots

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Professional Linkedin Headshots:

I recently had the pleasure of photographing some new Linkedin headshots for Louise. This beautiful woman is my older sister who is an engineer. It was the first time I have had her sit for a portrait in the studio. She was lovely to help me with many of my photographic projects when I was younger, but this time it was great to create something to truly benefit her.

As a professional in her field Louise’s previous Linkedin Profile picture wasn’t serious enough. It was time for her to look serious and have a professional image. A selfie doesn’t cut it in the professional world because it comes off as sloppy and at times can come off as a bit careless.

We set out to make an image that was happy and approachable. She wore something simple and plain so the focus remained on her face. By softening the eyes and making them smile, a sense of trust and friendliness is created. The smile was relaxed and natural, to keep her looking calm and collected – not manic.

The background is neutral to tie everything together – after all, she was wearing a very simple dress, which didn’t need to be out-shon by a bright pink background.

The benefits of having a clear, well-lit photograph are that you are immediately identifiable. It shows dedication to your career, and that you have invested in presenting yourself in a professional Melbourne Actors Headshots - Acting headshot photography - Professional actor headshots - actor headshots melbourne - corporate photography melbourne - linkedin headshotmanner too. Your headshot is the tool which acts like an interview to everyone you meet. The impression you make in your headshot is often the first that people see, so you need to make it a good one.

A Second Headshot: Dark and Moody

While we were in the studio Louise let me change up the lighting and create a portfolio piece. This shot was not intended for Linkedin, rather it had to goal to be moody and to be a stronger black and white image. Her bold dress and high neckline inspired me to create and image with strong contrast.

This image was photographed using only one light (with a modifier) and it was photographed against a plain studio wall. Simple adjustments in post production bring out the contrast with black and white.

It is easy to compare the two headshots, and you can really see the difference in style. The top photo is happy and relaxed and so it can be well suited to a Linkedin Profile image. The bottom photo shows beauty, strength and seriousness. These two options provide her with two different approaches, depending on how she wants to portray her personal brand.

Each headshot is different, and lighting, pose and expression all create different imagery. A professional photographer understands this while also controlling these things to get great imagery.

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