Where To Use Your New Corporate Headshot or Portrait

Everyone should have a professional portrait/headshot of themselves. It not only looks professional, but there are a range of other benefits too. So if you have a new headshot or are thinking about getting a headshot or portrait taken, have a think about where you will use it. For different industries, there will be various uses for a professional image of yourself. Here are some of the ways you can use your new headshot. Don’t have a great headshot of yourself? Check out my folio, and book your session today!


You know that little icon next to your email? Have you ever seen someone else’s picture next to their email? Your image can go there.

Julia Nance Gmail

Google Business

If you register your business on Google Business, you have the opportunity to add you profile shot, and images of your team, onto your Google Business Profile.

Julia Nance Google Business

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are two big social media platforms that clients use to search business. Everyone loves a Facebook stalk, and people like to look at what you’re doing before interacting with you. Having your headshot here is another opportunity to connect to your clients.
Julia Nance Social Media


LinkedIn is the social media for professionals. The first thing people see is your profile photo. It is the key for solid connections and looking serious.

Julia Nance Linkedin

Your Website

Be recognisable! Make sure you have an about or a team page. Even a bit of company background can look more complete with images of the team members.


If you’re on Twitter then use your headshot! Don’t be tweeting things with a ‘nothing’ image next to. Be a personality and not just a business.

Marketing Material

If you have business cards, send out flyers, create PDFs and EDM emails, or even blog online. A headshot can be used on some or all of this type of marketing material.


For those in fields like Real Estate and government, your image can very easily be put onto billboards and posters. Make sure you have one, and make sure it is professional.