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Do You Need Your Image On Your Website?

Let’s say you wanted to hire me as a photographer, you went onto my website, found my ‘About’ page, and found this (above). You can read about me. You can contact me. Maybe you can imagine me. I guess you could look me up on social media to see if I am in any of the photos there. Or perhaps you will just wait and see who I am, if you book with me.

It is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when I can’t put a face to a business. I see many websites with ‘About’ pages or company information. They introduce themselves, talk about their passion and their experience. But there is no representation – no images that show me who they are.

I love to see who is behind the work – if thats photography or another creative field, if it is a service, or a local company.

Let’s have a look at my About page again:

In the image above you now have an image of me that you can look at, and form an impression from. In our session, you will know what I look like, you know who to expect. You have a small sense of familiarity, and that is comforting. It is now possible to see who you will be working with, and who has created all the work featured in the portfolio of my website.

Whether you like the image or not, it at least informs. You can judge a lot off a headshot. Branding comes across strong, and you get a feel for who you will be working with. My headshot shows that I’m a little quite – I’m not portraying myself as some boisterous, extroverted photographer who takes the centre of the room. I have never been that person – so to imply that in my headshot would be misleading.

However, knowing this, you might decide if we’re going to be a good fit or not. It is important to choose a photographer that will work for you (read more here).

This goes for all professions, not just mine. Headshots make important statements on professionals, and having a professional headshot is a statement itself. It shows you care about your career, are proud of your achievements and care about your professional image. Headshots communicate a little who you are, and allow clients to make judgements. I’ve even written about how different headshots and their quality are perceived by viewers here.

Have a think: would you prefer to see an image of someone you are putting your trust into?

If you run a business, have a brand, are a creator. A professional image of yourself contributes to your branding, creates trust, and makes you recognisable. In this digital age, it is time to communicate to your clients – tell them who you are, and show them who you are. Words are easy to write, but images tell a true story. They’re quick, and communicate effectively even when someone is doing a quick scroll. An image-less website lacks that visual story, and without great images, you’re beginning to cut yourself short.

Remember, your headshot and personal branding portraits can be used across different media too! Beyond your About Page, your images can be used in your email client, with your gmail accounts, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, and across your marketing material (Including business cards, flyers, and company information).

Have a look at my range of headshots and portraits.
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