Acting Headshots with Veronika.

I had Veronika come to my studio to get a range of updated headshots. She is an actor and singer based in Melbourne with various experiences in both TV and stage acting. Soon she is hoping to enter the Musical Theatre world.

Veronika moved to Melbourne five years ago, and prior she has lived all over Australia and the world. With amazing life experience, her travels, and being a Mother, Veronika has a world of knowledge and experience to adapt to different roles.

Shoot Outcome:

Together we explored various looks and outfits to fit in with the types of roles Veronika tends to play. These tend to me motherly and caring roles, or otherwise stern businesswoman type roles. Veronika’s chosen outcomes were primarily headshots, as these were what she wanted to update the most, we also shot some mid-length shots too.

Have a look at some of the outcomes below. If you need to update your headshots, view my packages and book online!