Not All Acting Headshots Need To Be Serious.

Seriously. Your acting headshots need to show an honest representation of you. They also need to portray the performances you want to go for. What work are you usually cast for? If you play the young mum, or the Summer Bay surfer girl, these characters aren’t always best reflected with serious expressions. So it’s best to speak to your agent about the headshots you need in your portfolio.


Acting headshots need to show the versatility of your skillset. You don’t want to have only one to two headshots that say the same thing. You need a variety of recent and relative headshots up your sleeve to use for different roles. For Example: Musical Theatre, Screen Acting and Commercial Acting all call for different imagery. Having one feature shot in your headshot portfolio is only going to limit you.

Young woman laughing with blue background - Melbourne personal branding headshot photographySerious vs Smiling: Have both!

You’ve seen Parks & Recreation right? Of course you have, it’s amazing. I’m re-watching the series right now. If you were casting Leslie Knope (of course, nobody can replace Amy Poehler), would you go for someone whose headshots only showed the serious side of them?

Alternatively, what about Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99? His entire character is about being expressionless.

Different characters can be shown through headshots. There is importance to having both serious and happy, and there is importance in showing a range of characters and emotions. Do you need to be a business professional? A loving family member? A swanky hipster? How do you make that first impression against all those other applicants? With your headshots.

How To Achieve Versatile Headshots:

Your Photographer:

It is important to find photographers whose work you like and you also need to make sure you get along with them. A bad headshot session can be the result of a photographer who doesn’t see eye to eye with you. If you’re feeling relaxed, comfortable and at ease you will see that result in your photographs.

Your Shoot Style:

Once you have photographers that work well with you, it is up to you to source inspiration and ideas for new headshots so you can communicate your ideas with your photographer. A different headshot can be achieved in many ways. Simple things such as lighting, fashion choices, location/background, and the way you pose and express yourself create versatility within acting headshots. Sending example images and explaining what you want to portray in your character is a huge help to the photographer. Creating a mood board of examples of the posing and characters is also a great reference point during the shoot to make sure you are both on track.

Melbourne Actors Headshots - Acting headshot photography - Professional actor headshots - actor headshots melbourne - corporate photography melbourne - linkedin headshotBuild Your Acting Headshots Portfolio:

It makes sense that versatility comes with a range of shots. You may want to do a few headshot sessions, each focusing on a different look or character. It can be difficult to do a lot in one session if you have a shorter session length. Having a set focus on what you want to achieve per session will give you the best result. You don’t want to rush your looks and achieve ‘okay’ results – you need fantastic results. It is important to make sure your headshots are great, so that you can stand out!

It is okay to use a couple of photographers too. This will vary the style within your headshot portfolio, and in turn help create different looks and characters. One photographer might be better at the serious roles, while another is stronger at the relaxed and happy roles. Find photographers that you love, and play to their strengths.

I would be more than happy to help you build up a portfolio of acting headshots for various roles. I have a range of packages to suit those who need just a few new shots, to those needing a portfolio re-haul. Check out my packages!