First Impressions – How Your Corporate Headshot Portrays Trust

If you dismiss the idea that the photo you have on your website, Linkedin and social media doesn’t matter, you should think twice. It’s a no brainer that businesses and professionals are all online these days. Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are all incredible resources for business. We use these platforms either to network or to market to potential clients.

Corporate Headshot Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Corporate Headshots - Professional Linkedin Headshots - Personal Branding PhotographySo what is it about our image that makes it so important?

A study has found that people who look happier in their photographs are perceived to be more trustworthy. The study concluded that subjects interpreted faces with a happier expression to be more trustworthy than those with angrier or sterner facial expressions.

With a society who clicks away and scrolls quickly, these first impressions are paramount. Trust is incredibly important to gain from your clients. For those in the fields of finance, sales and law, a customer’s trust in you is vital to get their business. If they make up their mind by looking at an image, your winning personality and great work ethic goes nowhere.

Invest in a great image and invest in yourself and the future of your business. Show your clients you take your work seriously, and book in for a professional headshot session.