Benefits of Professional Actor Headshots

Melbourne Actors Headshots - Acting headshot photography - Professional actor headshots - actor headshots melbourne - corporate photography melbourne - linkedin headshotSo You Want To Be An Actor:

I admire actors. I love watching brilliant performances, and I can appreciate them even more because I am a really terrible actor myself. Do not try and get me to act, because it will be awful. So for those with passion, talent and drive to push themselves in an incredible field, I really admire them.

Like many of the areas in arts, this field is competitive. You have to take classes, and attend workshops, read advice, network like crazy, perform perform perform, compete against thousands of others, and many roles have a specific look you need to have in order to even fit the role.

I can’t give acting advice. It would be impossible for me to guide you to how to land a role or be represented by an agent. I’m not here to give advice on being an actor though. I’m here to give advice on those all so important actor headshots.

Benefits of Professional Actor Headshots:Actor Headshots Melbourne - Julia Nance Portraits for actors, corporate and professionals

They are one of the first things a casting agent sees. You know actors have headshots, and you know that acting is competitive. Everyone has headshots, and so you’d like to at least be considered right?  It’s up to you to get headshots that make you stand out.

This doesn’t start out with just how you look and what you wear. You need to do the research. What shots do you like, and what photographers are taking them? Don’t go to a photographer whose work you don’t like, just because they’re cheap. If you’re serious, invest in it.

If you’re competing against actors that have paid professionals to take their photograph, a selfie or a ‘friend with a camera’ isn’t going to compare. Things like image quality, retouching ability, composition, the lens sharpness and bokeh – they all contribute and matter.

You will be spending a lot of time developing and nursing your career. Understanding that acting headshots are a necessary asset and cost to your business (yourself!) is the first step. Don’t cheat yourself and cut corners. Take control, find a photographer, and book yourself a session.

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