What Headshot Session Is Right For Me?

You will make a couple of choices when deciding what headshot session to book with me. I offer both studio and natural light outdoor headshots, and I offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements.

Session Type:

First, decide if a studio session or outdoor session is more your cup of tea. Think about what the headshots will be used for. Where it will be seen, and furthermore what do you want to say?

If you’re a serious Lawyer, does it make sense to have outdoor headshots or a portrait at a beach? A studio shot may be more suitable. If you’re an actor trying to get into Home & Away, then perhaps an outdoor headshot at the beach would be more suitable.

Think about all the headshots and portraiture that you like, and you may find you are swayed one way or another.


My various packages have several options for those needing new headshots. Primarily, it is the number of images that determines each package.

For someone needing an image for their website and Linkedin, you might only need one shot. A quicker session with the goal to get one standout image is what you are after.  For example, see the shots from these sessions:

If you’re an actor or model and need a range of images (could be characters, looks, background and lighting), the packages with 5 or 10 shots will be better value. This will give you more time to achieve a range of headshots and portraits.

Don’t Fret If You Can’t Decide!

Remember, you can always purchase additional images after your session if you find you would like some extra headshots. My maxi folio session (10 images) will allow plenty of time and opportunity to achieve both outdoor and studio shots. So if you can’t decide, there are plenty of opportunities!