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Headshot Photography exploring Angles: discovering what works for you.

Exploring Angles: It is really important to nail the angles in a headshot. I think this is what makes or breaks a portrait – especially in terms of you liking an image of yourself. So if you know what angles work for you, let your photographer know before you start shooting (or as you are shooting). I tend to ask my subjects if they have a ‘prefered side’. I get mixed responses – some are really sure of their preference, […]

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My 3 Go-To Headshot Lighting Setups.

When I have a studio headshot session, I try to get a feel for the overall mood and style my subject wants. If it is for actor headshots, corporate headshots, or some personal branding, the lighting is a big part of the overall result. I, of course, also have my go-to setups for headshot lighting. These setups work well for all different people – they’re flattering, create nice catchlights in the eyes, and I know the setups off by heart. […]

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Actor Headshots: posing tips

Posing for Actor Headshots: Actor headshots are one of those necessary, important things. But they aren’t always everyone’s favourite thing to do. One of the things that gets some people stuck is the posing – that feeling of not knowing what to do in front of a camera. Feeling awkward. Overthinking and stressing. Of course your headshot photographer should be able to direct you and give you some cues that will help with the posing. I also believe it helps […]

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Common flash mistakes in the studio

Common flash mistakes to avoid (and how to fix them): Studio photography can feel like a constant learning curve. When using flash in the studio, it’s not just a matter of turning on a few lights. Off-camera flash, when controlled correctly, can create amazing lighting effects. However, when not correctly controlled, flash can make you look like an amateur. Below are six common flash mistakes you should try to avoid, with a little information on how to correct them. Here […]

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Natural Light & Studio Light

Comparing Lighting: Natural light and studio light.

Without light, we cannot make photographs. The lighting in a photograph makes a huge difference to its final result. Ultimately, it is the lighting that makes people determine what is a good photograph and what is a bad photograph.

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Headshot Preparation

Preparing For Your Actor or Corporate Headshot

1. Knowing What You Want: To get the most out of your headshot session there are some things you need to consider: Why do you want a headshot? What will you use it for? What do you want it to look like? Start discussing with your photographer what you are hoping to achieve. 2. Deciding on Indoor or Outdoor: For my longer sessions, we can often do a little of both natural light, and studio light headshots. For shorter sessions, […]

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Lucie, Melbourne Actor & some colour in the studio

I love working with creative people. Wonderful Lucie visited my Lilydale Studio to get some shots for her acting folio. As well as acting, this talented lady is also a musician, writer and painter! I love meeting my clients and learning about their passions. And it is really inspiring to be around others who also love the creative arts. I like to try and get to know my clients before and during the shoot – It isn’t just about the […]

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Backgrounds – How They Can Make or Break Your Actor Headshot.

A Great Background: Most actor headshots go for backgrounds that don’t pull the audience away from the subject. To achieve this, bokeh from using a low depth of field is a great way to create a complimentary background. A professional photographer will have high quality lenses which will help achieve this. Using basic gear and kit lenses can sometimes prevent being able to achieve this lovely effect. A strong background choice: Compliments the image with colour.  Consideration to what the […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Have Your Outdoor Portrait Taken

The Big Question for Your Outdoor Portrait: Everyone wants their portrait to be beautiful. Most people understand that good lighting makes a world of difference to an image: particularly when looking at an outdoor portrait. Often I am asked: “When is the best time to have my portrait taken?”. Beautiful light depends on many factors: Primarily, it is your definition of beautiful light. Does beautiful light mean strong contrast, or beautifully soft? Therefore, answering this question is not a simple […]

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