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What You Must Know Before Hiring A Photographer

Guest Blog by Alex Morrison Camera technology on smartphones has improved leaps and bounds with each iteration. The built-in sensors and processors now do all the heavy lifting. With a simple tap of a button you can take gorgeous images that beautifully capture any moment. You don’t need to lug around heavy or expensive equipment either as most smartphones can easily fit in a pocket. There are many situations where a smartphone camera is perfectly adequate: Capturing everyday moments of […]

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Rain Consulting – meeting and working with Luke.

Luke – Environmental Engineer Recently I was fortunate to work on some new portraits with Luke, an environmental engineer and founder of Rain Consulting. Rain Consulting works with government and private clients in the field of water management. From stormwater management planning to flood modelling investigations, and integrated water management too. With over 14 years of experience working for Melbourne Water, Luke’s clients really are in great hands. Luke himself is an innovative thinker. While many engineers are typically introverts, […]

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer

Photographs allow you to capture memories and preserve them through generations. Although this form of art is relatively new, pictures have become an integral part of our history and society. We use them to transmit messages, stir emotions, and record cherished moments. Taking a good picture goes beyond using the right camera or image editor. Elements like lighting, contrast, and the different camera settings you have available can make a huge difference to the quality of your shots. Not only […]

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Melbourne corporate headshot photography and personal branding portraits. Man smiles for promotional portraiture

Personal Branding Portraits with Prosper

I love Prosper’s story. We came across each other in a wonderful Facebook Business networking group, called Business Business Business. It’s a great supportive community that constantly inspires me. But Prosper’s story is a beautiful one and goes beyond me meeting him through a simple online networking group. Born in Zimbabwe, he came to Australia seven years ago in search of an Australian teacher who taught him as a child. Prosper wanted to start a new life for himself in […]

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Actor Headshot photography Melbourne - Melbourne Actor in moody acting headshot using natural light.

Melbourne Actor Headshots of Kaitlyn

Meet Kaitlyn – the NIDA graduate who is already kicking goals. I worked with Kaitlyn earlier in the year on some new actor headshots (also, how is it April??). She approached the whole shoot with such a positive attitude, completing my pre-shoot survey and really thinking about what she needed, and where she wanted to go in the industry. And then when we met, I found out that Kaitlyn had already been cast in The Australian Shakespeare Company production: Much […]

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Melbourne Actor Headshot Photography - dramatic actor headshot of woman on dark background.

Updating Lucie’s Actor Headshot Portfolio

Lucie – Melbourne Actor, Musician and Artist. This was my second time working with Lucie, and I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to capture some more actor headshots for this talented woman. This time we worked together on a gloriously warm and sunny Sunday morning. Lucie gave me the exciting news that she was off to LA, and she was updating her actor headshots before the big move. I am so thrilled to hear about this amazing move […]

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Instagram is a mobile App for photo sharing

A Quick Guide to Styling Your Photos for Your Blog and Instagram Profile

  Some experts believe that there will be more than 111 million Instagram users by the end of 2019. Social media platforms and blogs have become extremely popular over the last two decades. Aside from delivering beautiful imagery, these platforms have also become a great way to share information and endorse products. It’s common to see Instagram profiles that have amazing pictures with vivid shots and colourful sceneries. That said, achieving this specific effect is not always easy. While it […]

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How to Make Sure your LinkedIn Headshot stands out

How to make sure your LinkedIn headshot stands out

When on LinkedIn, we all know it’s important to have a top quality headshot. After all, LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. Not just for job hunting, but for making connections with relevant industry professionals and potential clients too. So while I’ve discussed previously top tips for great LinkedIn headshots, I thought I’d discuss those little LinkedIn headshot thumbnails, and how to check that yours stands out. Have you ever come across the LinkedIn Network page with all […]

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Working with Tiina

I recently had Tiina come to the studio. Tiina is from Finland, but she has fallen in love with Australia while touring. It was about a 35-degree day when we met, but she mentioned how back home in Helsinki it was about -10 degrees! I couldn’t even imagine that kind of cold, and Tiina said that she loved the Australian summer. In the studio, we took a few headshots. She has beautiful blue eyes, so we picked out a top […]

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Makeup tips for professional headshots

Makeup Tips for Professional Headshots Makeup for headshots: One of the big considerations that people often seek advice on is how to do their hair and makeup for their headshots. I can see why people stress about this aspect of the process. You might not wear a lot of makeup, or you might usually keep your hairstyles simple. But that’s okay. You don’t need advanced foundation contouring or smokey eyes for your personal branding photoshoot. Even for actors, it isn’t […]

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