Rain Consulting – meeting and working with Luke.

Melbourne corporate headshot photography and personal branding portraits. Candid portrait of man smiling while standing outdoors. Luke – Environmental Engineer

Recently I was fortunate to work on some new portraits with Luke, an environmental engineer and founder of Rain Consulting.

Rain Consulting works with government and private clients in the field of water management. From stormwater management planning to flood modelling investigations, and integrated water management too. With over 14 years of experience working for Melbourne Water, Luke’s clients really are in great hands.

Luke himself is an innovative thinker. While many engineers are typically introverts, Luke’s approach to engineering stands out. As a creative person, Luke and Rain Consulting find solutions to water management that think outside the box and to look towards the big picture.

One of Luke’s points of difference is all about his care and connection with clients. He strives to push boundaries while working with his clients (not just for them). He strives to engage with and inspire communities, as well as make a positive contribution to climate change.

What I love about Rain Consulting is Luke’s main mission: the environment. Particularly, Luke’s work contributes to the protection of waterways, bays and oceans.

When Luke completed my survey to help me get to know him before the session, I immediately felt a sense of connection. He has a great sense of humour, and also has similar interests around the environment, ocean and creative arts too. During our shoot, I really felt like Luke had an interest in getting to know me. I can only imagine his clients feel the same way. It’s really nice to work with kind and caring people – especially those you can have a good laugh with.

Working with Luke – some new headshots:

Melbourne corporate headshot photography and personal branding portraits. Candid portrait of man smiling while sitting outdoors.

After launching the Rain Consulting website, Luke approached me to take an updated photo that could be used across his website and social platforms. The photo he was using was a little outdated, so he wanted something fresh and current for the new website.

In all his engineering work, Luke strives to think out of the box. So he wanted his images to reflect a sense of approachability in his photos, while being a little different to a standard headshot too.

We stayed away from the typical studio corporate look and decided to work outdoors – after all, it is the environment that Luke is passionate about, and Rain Consulting is all about water management.

I suggested to Luke to bring along a few different outfit options. He brought along some great shirt options, so we did a few changes in a few different locations. At the end of it all, he had plenty of options to choose from.

To keep things relaxed, we spent the whole shoot having a chat, while I took photos and gave a bit of direction as we went along.

Luke is now using the full-length portrait at the top of this page for his website bio. It really captures the bubbly and friendly personality that Luke has. Being outside brings it all back to that core focus of the environment too.

I also love the final image of Luke in his orange shirt here. It shows such an authentic smile, and I really feel that he looks approachable in this shot.

These were his goals – to come across as approachable and friendly, and to showcase that you can easily pick up the phone and have a chat about a project with Luke. I certainly think he pulled it off.

Connect with Luke & Rain Consulting:

Website: rainconsulting.com.au
Instagram: @rain.consulting
LinkedIn: /Luke-Cunningham

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