Updating Lucie’s Actor Headshot Portfolio

Melbourne natural light actor headshot of redhead woman in a red top.Lucie – Melbourne Actor, Musician and Artist.

This was my second time working with Lucie, and I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to capture some more actor headshots for this talented woman. This time we worked together on a gloriously warm and sunny Sunday morning.

Lucie gave me the exciting news that she was off to LA, and she was updating her actor headshots before the big move. I am so thrilled to hear about this amazing move for Lucie. It’s uplifting to see other creatives chase their dreams.

Natural Light Wonder.

In our last session together Lucie and I captured a beautiful actor headshot in the natural light at my studio. What I loved about this headshot was the softness of it – how it drew attention to her eyes. It has always been one of my favourite images.

So on our beautiful Sunday morning, Lucie and I were pretty quick to settle on doing a similar style again this time around. We had some really lovely morning light coming in that added a bit of shine into her hair, and definition into Lucie’s face.

We shot two different looks here. An earthy-toned image with Lucie wearing red (left). And a soft and serene white on white image (below). Both giving completely different vibes.

Studio Lit:

We also went into the studio to create a few other headshot looks, capture some mid-length and a full-length shot as well. The thing about actor headshots is that they need to be able to communicate a ‘type’. It’s beneficial to have a few different looks, because you never know what headshot and style you want to use for different acting and commercial jobs that come up.

While Lucie really aces the innocent girl-next-door look, we went into the studio and created something a little more serious. With a sharp background and subtle lighting, Lucie stared me down to create this: a headshot that made me feel like she was genuinely angry at me (maybe it was all my terrible jokes?). But this is what I love about actors. I have no acting ability at all, and so I’m always inspired to see the talent of the actors I work with. Lucie transformed for this headshot, and it was incredible.

Melbourne Actor Headshot of redhead woman with a burn orange top on. She has a moody expression and the photograph has a dark background.


And of course, while we were there we took the time to shoot a full body image, and a mid-length. The shots that you need in your portfolio to show the wider picture. We used background here to tie the images together – the soft brown with her dress, and the blue paired with her shorts. I really love the blue with Lucie’s fresh hair colour too. That whole image really pops to me. Also, can we acknowledge how great Lucie is in front of the camera?

I can’t wait to see where Lucie goes from here. LA is an exciting place, and full of opportunities. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Lucie’s name for sure.

You can follow Lucie on instagram @lucie.com.au 

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