Working with Tiina

Beautiful Woman with natural smile - melbourne headshots and personal branding - linkedin headshot photographerI recently had Tiina come to the studio.

Tiina is from Finland, but she has fallen in love with Australia while touring.

It was about a 35-degree day when we met, but she mentioned how back home in Helsinki it was about -10 degrees! I couldn’t even imagine that kind of cold, and Tiina said that she loved the Australian summer.

In the studio, we took a few headshots. She has beautiful blue eyes, so we picked out a top and background to compliment them.

I used one of my favourite lighting setups here. It really illuminated her eyes and brought some life into them. I like how they’re so captivating in this shot. Her smile too was really beautiful and natural, and she was amazing at taking direction.

These headshots capture her open, friendly and kindhearted personality. They show the warmth of her character too. She was passionate to talk to, and really lit up the room – so I wanted that to come across in the final shots.

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