Melbourne Actor Headshots of Kaitlyn

Meet Kaitlyn – the NIDA graduate who is already kicking goals.

I worked with Kaitlyn earlier in the year on some new actor headshots (also, how is it April??). She approached the whole shoot with such a positive attitude, completing my pre-shoot survey and really thinking about what she needed, and where she wanted to go in the industry.

And then when we met, I found out that Kaitlyn had already been cast in The Australian Shakespeare Company production: Much Ado About Nothing (or precisely: “Much Ado About Beatrice & Benedick”), and she would be heading overseas performing. Did I mention she’s only 19?

What I loved about Kaitlyn was her go-getter attitude. She knew what images she liked, but she kept an open mind about the whole process. We’d discussed the types of images that she wanted to get:

  • A bubbly, happy and more fun headshot.
  • Something a little moodier and darker, showing a more dramatic side.
  • And a ‘nerdier’ or more innocent character too.


Kaitlyn not only knows the roles that she is usually cast for, and that others see her for, but she has some pretty great ideas on where she would like to go in the industry too. With aspirations like Kristen Wigg for comedic roles, and Kate Mulvaney as inspiration in the Australian theatre scene.

When it came to working with Kaitlyn it was her sense of humour and relaxed attitude that really made the shoot enjoyable. Being able to have a laugh, relax and enjoy the process makes such a difference. I could see her passion for her career and industry throughout every step of the process. And I’ll be honest, when we ended on some of the moodier, dramatic images, Kaitlyn’s transformation into this character was hauntingly beautiful. Actual CHILLS.

Brunette woman with small smile - natural light outdoor melbourne actor headshot

The Innocent Headshot:

All of our headshots were taken outside during this session. We had a really beautiful day, and some wonderful light came into play too (more on this later).

The first actor headshot that we worked on together was for Kaitlyn’s ‘nerdier’ type. We were going for a fairly neutral expression, with a very innocent feel. The slight tilt of the head builds engagement in the shot too.

In this headshot, you can really see the character. She’s built it out of expression and the way she’s holding her body. I can definitely feel a sense of innocence in this headshot.

Keeping the background simple, I feel the soft tones compliment her eye and hair colour. To me, there’s a bit of gentleness that comes through in all the tones: from the natural backdrop to the muted colours in her outfit. It all ties together while keeping the focus on Kaitlyn and her expression.

Bringing everything together, Kaitlyn’s cardigan and jumper really sell the character, alongside her hair being pulled back.


Brunette woman wearing red top smiling - melbourne actor headshot

The Bubbly Headshot:

Going for a more upbeat and happy character, our next headshot was all about those strong female leads. Kaitlyn picked out an outfit that she really loved, and made her feel great.

I always encourage people to wear outfits they love. If you’re really hating what you’re wearing, or you just don’t feel like yourself, then it’s not going to be fun. You’re not going to really look like you in the photos. We tend to tense up when we’re not comfortable.

So Kaitlyn wearing this beautiful top, which was bright and beautiful, was the foundation for this headshot. We took images in a few different locations, and I experimented with some off-camera flash too.

The final headshot that Kaitlyn chose portrayed her beautiful smile, and in a fairly neutral setting too – allowing her, and her beautiful top, to really stand out.

I go straight to her eyes and smile in this image. It really shows Kaitlyn (or her character), being comfortable with who she is. I’m also going to mention that I have hair envy here! Look at those beautiful curls!

The Dramatic & Moodier Headshot:


The two headshots above were the last that Kaitlyn and I worked on together. I have to admit, they’re also my favourites from our shoot together (and some of my favourites in my portfolio).

We had hit the beautiful afternoon light by this time, and we shot two quick looks that were perfect for those dramatic roles that Kaitlyn might audition for. They also show a bit of attitude, which I love.

We picked this dark, textured tree, just outside the studio, and the sun had started to go overhead and slightly behind it. The result was this wrap-around backlighting, illuminating her hair. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Well, it could have, and it was. A gentle breeze lifted her hair up (as in the image on the left), and honestly, it was all just a photography dream.

The headshot on the left to me shows a little bit of a sassier character. Her expression is almost questioning. I have to say, I really like the outfit here too. The orange and blue, paired with that subtle light on her hair – I don’t even know what to write. It just all works.

Kaitlyn’s other headshot, on the right, was that moment she gave me chills. I asked her to be a character who was judging me. And I felt judged, I’ll be honest. It also made me laugh because I just love watching actors transform. Acting is something I have absolutely no talent in! So I really admire watching others act, and act well. Also – those curls really coming out to shine here. Can we all just wake up like this?

Session Success.

I had an amazing time working with Kaitlyn. We reviewed everything as we went along, and she kept a really positive attitude – looking at everything objectively and practically. It’s a hard thing to do when you’re looking at photos of yourself. Many people are highly critical of themselves, and it can be challenging to look at a headshot from the perspective of another person.

Throughout the process Kaitlyn allowed me to photograph her in different locations. We switched up outfits, added some outdoor lighting, and laughed along the way.

I can’t wait to see where this lovely lady goes. For starters its performing around Victoria, then she’s heading overseas. And after that, well, I can’t wait to find out.

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