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Personal Branding Photography

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Building a personal brand is something we should all be thinking about. Social media allows potential clients to cast quick and ruthless first impressions. So how exactly can an image affect your personal branding?

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Natural Light & Studio Light

Comparing Lighting: Natural light and studio light.

Without light, we cannot make photographs. The lighting in a photograph makes a huge difference to its final result. Ultimately, it is the lighting that makes people determine what is a good photograph and what is a bad photograph.

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Why Your Selfie Won’t Cut It.

Selfies are easy right? You can take one right now. It is barely even an emotional investment. It is quick, simple, accessible. But they don’t cut it in the world of professionalism.

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Professionals Matter – Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

A Professional Photographer Makes A Big Impact On Your Headshot: Of course, there are many people claiming to be professionals out there. Lots of people who own cameras and have figured out they can charge to take your photograph. Those who have decided ‘I can do that’. The key to finding a professional is to look at their actual folio of work, read testimonials and reviews, and find out a little about them (their qualifications, experience, and attitude to business). […]

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Selfies VS Professional Headshots. How Corporate Headshots really do matter.

Selfies and unprofessional headshots: A headshot is a valuable thing. They can be used everywhere: from your website, to Linkedin and other social media, they are the tool that puts a face to your name.  They also start communicating who you are and what you are like. It is a way for potential clients to make a quick judgement of you. So your headshot creates a first impression. I see so many selfies and unprofessional photos on Linkedin, social media, […]

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Man Outline with Question Mark

About Pages – Is yours missing a headshot?

Why Your Website Needs An About Page: An ‘about’ page on your website to give a little more information about the company is really important. It not only shows your legitimacy (with scams and fake sites popping up everywhere), but allows for your website visitors to connect with you and learn about you and your business. Often when I visit a website I look for this page. Especially if the business offers a service of some kind. It’s a simple […]

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Headshot Prep: Necklines. Advice for actor and corporate headshots.

Headshot Clothing Choices: What to wear seems to be a common dilemma, and getting a headshot or portrait taken can really put the pressure on. I discuss a little more about what to wear to a headshot session in another blog post, but here we will be looking specifically at necklines, and how different necklines work for different shots. Knowing your crop length: Consider this first. Where do you want to sit within the frame of your final shots? Do […]

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Eyes Window to The Soul

“Window to the Soul” – How Eyes Change A Headshot.

In a headshot, the eyes are what we would like to be drawn to. It is vital that they are in focus so that they stand out and complete the shot. As they are so important, it is great to understand how to change the eyes to really make them sparkle. “That Look”. Some portraits have a spark to them. The eyes can communicate a lot of things – such as happiness, trust, or fierceness. Sometimes a certain look can […]

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Headshot Preparation

Preparing For Your Actor or Corporate Headshot

1. Knowing What You Want: To get the most out of your headshot session there are some things you need to consider: Why do you want a headshot? What will you use it for? What do you want it to look like? Start discussing with your photographer what you are hoping to achieve. 2. Deciding on Indoor or Outdoor: For my longer sessions, we can often do a little of both natural light, and studio light headshots. For shorter sessions, […]

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Where To Use Your New Corporate Headshot or Portrait

Everyone should have a professional portrait/headshot of themselves. It not only looks professional, but there are a range of other benefits too. So if you have a new headshot or are thinking about getting a headshot or portrait taken, have a think about where you will use it. For different industries, there will be various uses for a professional image of yourself. Here are some of the ways you can use your new headshot. Don’t have a great headshot of […]

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