About Pages – Is yours missing a headshot?

Why Your Website Needs An About Page:

An ‘about’ page on your website to give a little more information about the company is really important.

It not only shows your legitimacy (with scams and fake sites popping up everywhere), but allows for your website visitors to connect with you and learn about you and your business.

Often when I visit a website I look for this page. Especially if the business offers a service of some kind.

It’s a simple thing really, how the little details can paint a picture. Like how you got to be where you are now, your experience and qualifications, what drives you to do business, and what inspires you to be at the top of your craft. These little things create a story. They inform the viewer a little more about who you are, and it helps define your personal brand. So when a webpage is missing one, I personally feel a little lost. I feel like it makes the business more impersonal – I don’t have a starting point to relate to them, their team, or what they do.

For some websites, a portrait or headshot of yourself and/or your staff, can really make a difference. The about page not only tells your site visitors a little about you, but they can immediately connect to real people. Your business becomes someone’s life – their family, their passion, their skills.

When To Use An Image of yourself:

If you offer a service, and you offer it in person, having some headshots of yourself on your website is a great way to show your clients and site visitors that you are an approachable, real person. Professions that benefit from a headshot can range from lawyers, vets or consultants, to customer service teams, accountants, artists, mentors and teachers. If your clients are likely going to meet you when they use your service, a headshot is an appropriate asset to your About Page. It takes away that ‘blindness’ when they finally meet you.

Businesses with teams can benefit from consistent staff headshots in a ‘meet the team‘ format. Even a simple local shop can benefit from team headshots. It portrays a sense of community and connection. Furthermore, when clients call up and speak to someone, they can picture who they are talking to, and their job title is right on your web page.

Corporate Headshot Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Corporate Headshots - Professional Linkedin Headshots - Personal Branding PhotographyGood Images To Use On An About Page:

To really tie your website into a professional masterpiece, up to date, professional images are a key. This ranges from any image on your site: of your premises to your products.

Your headshots are no exception. You should use a qualified professional photographer to capture your headshots. Staff headshots should be consistent amongst themselves, and they should all flow with your personal branding. Avoid using stock photographs – particularly of ‘workers’ or team members. This gets confusing, as those people don’t actually work at your company. It is all about being authentic.

Make sure your headshots:

  • Maintain a professional standard: well exposed, appropriately cropped, and well lit.
  • Are consistent across multiple staff members.
  • Comply well with your personal brand.
  • Show a bit of who you are: your professionalism/quirks/personality.

You can get a great headshot that is more than a photo of you smiling at a camera. Your business headshot definitely does not need to be a mugshot. A bit of character and personality to show your professionalism and approachability goes a long way.

Think about colours, what you wear, and how you want to portray yourself to your clients. Your chosen photographer should help you capture the best possible shots, and provide some coaching and verbal cues to help you.

If your About page is missing a great headshot, book your session online now, or contact me directly