What colours to wear in your headshot and branding session.

What colours to wear in your headshot and branding session. What colours to wear in your headshot and branding session Most people struggle with what to wear to their professional headshot session. After all, it is an investment and we all want to portray ourselves at our very best. So what colours should you wear?  There are so many things for us to consider, so I can’t give you a quick answer (sorry!). Let’s instead look at what works from […]

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Staff Headshot Styles

Staff Headshot Styles Staff Headshot Styles Does the business you work for need new staff headshots? Showing your team is a fantastic way to connect and have your business stand out from the competition. I truly believe having staff profiles helps to form trust and connection, and it also gives that validation that your workplace is a team. There are lots of different styles of photography to choose from, and I am going to outline a few ideas here for […]

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Preparing for your staff headshot

Preparing For Your Staff Headshot If you’ve found out that your workplace has arranged for a photographer to come on-site to capture staff headshots, you might be here to find some advice on how to get the most out of it (or how to look your best). Most people cringe at the idea of having their staff headshot taken. It doesn’t need to be this way, and unlike the speedy process of school photography, you’ll find most corporate photographers really […]

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Creating a custom stock library with staff branding

Creating A Custom Stock Library With In-Situ Staff Branding Photography What makes your business unique? You may have many answers for this: location, customer service, your products, your branding. What often doesn’t come to mind as quickly, is your staff. In reality, the people with have in our businesses are what makes them most unique. The teams we have bring personality into our businesses, whether they are customer facing or working behind the scenes. Most of us relate better to […]

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Professional corporate headshot of melbourne accountant wearing glasses and a formal suit. He smiles to camera on a light grey studio background.

Questions To Ask To See If It’s Time for a New LinkedIn Profile Photo.

Is It Time for a New LinkedIn Profile Photo? Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Out Have you ever stopped and thought “I need to update my LinkedIn profile?” Maybe you’ve just landed a new job, started your own business, or made a significant career change. Whatever the reason, updating your LinkedIn profile is a great way to show potential employers and connections your latest accomplishments and skills. Look at your current profile photo on LinkedIn. Is it still an […]

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Melbourne LinkedIn headshot for local barrister, dressed in a suit with a deep purple tie. He is smiling to camera.

DON’T BLINK: The Power of First Impressions in Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

DON’T BLINK: The Power of First Impressions in Your LinkedIn Profile Photo In the world of first impressions, there’s a phenomenon known as “thin slicing.” Picture this: our brains are like finely tuned filters, sifting through a sea of information to focus on the key details that reveal volumes about a person. This innate ability allows us to make remarkably accurate judgments in mere seconds. It’s like a superpower we didn’t even know we had. When you meet someone for […]

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Melbourne team headshot photography. Branding portrait with a blurred background captured in workplace.

Office Headshots in Melbourne: What To Expect

Office Headshots in Melbourne: What To Expect How does it work, to have a photographer come on-site to your office to photograph your staff? I can’t speak for all photographers, but I can certainly speak about my own process. When I’m working with teams, I regard my photography as collaborative, personal and relaxed. A lot of my photography is on-location at the offices and workplaces of my clients. It allows for streamlined scheduling, and we can even incorporate your business […]

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Personal branding portrait of Mother and daughter artist duo from Aurora art - photographed outside their Melbourne art gallery.

Featuring Local Business – Aurora Art Gallery!

Aurora Art 13 Old Lilydale Road, Ringwood East In a series of blog posts, I’m introducing the wonderful businesses in the strip of shops on Old Lilydale Road. Why? As a community project. This is where my studio is located, and I have loved every minute of being here. The community is wonderful, and the businesses and tenants were so welcoming. Here we are with a feature of Aurora Art Gallery – run by Mother and Daughter duo, Lani and […]

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Melbourne barrister headshot of woman smiling to camera wearing a button up blue jacket and glasses.

How & Where To Use Your New Headshot

A Guide: Uploading & Using Your New Headshot You’ve got a brand new headshot, and you’re ready to update it across the board. There are lots of places to update your image, and I’ve created a resource so you can stay on top of it (and get those old, outdated images out of the way!). The below instructions have been provided when working from a computer browser. I’m using Google Chrome on an Apple MacBook Pro. Google: Gmail, Reviews, & […]

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Melbourne business owner sits in a relaxed poses wearing a white shirt and yellow pants. She smiles to camera for a personal branding portrait.

You may be asking: “How do I create a brand for myself?”. Let me tell you.

How do you create a brand for yourself? Personal branding – it’s moved on from the buzzword and now it’s in all of our vocabularies. As the world becomes more and more ‘online’ the way we present ourselves (our brand) becomes more and more important and prominent. When figuring out what your personal brand is, you need to first understand how you present yourself and communicate with others. Once you’ve figured the keywords of your personal brand, we can understand […]

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