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How to take a headshot - 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer

How to take a headshot – 15 tips from a professional headshot photographer.

How To Take A Headshot Tips from a professional headshot photographer In Melbourne, Covid-19 had most of us in complete lockdown for months. While we were all working from home and staying in isolation, I put together a guide to assist people in capturing an updated headshot. After all, nobody was able to go to a professional headshot photographer! Since then, this blog post has brought people to my website from all over the world (it’s a little crazy, actually!).┬áSo […]

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Corporate personal branding portrait of smiling man in melbourne studio with arms crossed

Corporate Headshots with Matt

Matt’s Headshot Update Meet Matt I met Matt when he booked in for some corporate headshots. Working in sales, he wanted to update his LinkedIn headshot. He also wanted some high-quality images that he would be able to use across his work platforms. Being high up in his field, he wanted to make sure he looked professional, but also approachable and friendly. When I sent Matt my pre-shoot survey I quickly learnt that Matt is a fun, laid-back guy, who […]

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Corporate headshot of man in suit on grey background for LinkedIn

Headshot Crop Ratios

Choosing A Crop Ratio: Headshots are generally head and shoulders, but there’s a lot more to consider. Many people are moving away from the standard tight headshot crop, and opting for a range of mid-length branding images that show a little more of who they are. But we’ll dive into this later. When it comes to an actual head and shoulders headshot, the final crop is an important consideration. You can choose from various different cropping options depending on the […]

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Melbourne headshot of man in studio wearing formal suit and smiling

Headshots Or Mugshots?

I’ll be honest here, I get a little bit sad every time I hear someone refer to a headshot as a ‘mug shot’. Many people think of school photos when they think of headshots. The process of sitting down for 10 seconds, then up and away. Results that nobody really likes, and that haunt you for the next year. But that’s the point I’m hoping to make about headshots here: Headshots aren’t like school photos. They aren’t like mugshots. Headshots […]

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Melbourne staff headshot with grey studio background

Staff Headshots and Branding Images for True Blue Migration

Collaborative Projects: True Blue Migration are located in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. They’re immigration agents who help those seeking residency in Australia achieve the correct Visas and Citizenships. They’re a tight-knit team who work closely with clients, often over a matter of years, to help them achieve outcomes that are literally lifechanging. I have had the opportunity to work with True Blue Migration twice now. On each occasion, I captured their staff headshots and a series of branding photographs […]

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Melbourne actor headshot and model portfolio of young girl with blue background

My Favourite Headshots of 2019

It’s always good to look back on the year that’s been. In fact, the end of 2019 wasn’t just the end of a year, it was the end of a decade. But nevermind that, I want to share some of my favourite headshot sessions of 2019!   Kaitlyn – actor headshots Kaitlyn is an actor, who came to me early last year for some actor headshots to kickstart her career, after graduating from NIDA. She was about to embark on […]

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Woman Smiling Naturally - personal branding photography melbourne - Linkedin Heashots - Corporate Headshots

Headshot Style Ideas

The concept of a headshot is simple enough. You know that you need an updated image. It needs to make sure that you’re recognisable. The image should be professional, and it should relate to what you do. But when it comes to a headshot or branding portrait, there are so many choices and considerations you can make. Many of my clients give me creative license to help them with choices like backgrounds, lightings and outfits. I love being able to […]

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Melbourne staff headshot of employee on light grey background

Who needs a headshot?

A professional headshot is an important branding tool for all careers. The question of who needs a headshot (or, if YOU need a headshot), is simply answered by the question: “Do you want to make a great first impression?” If your answer is “yes”, then the next step is to start looking at your online appearance. If that be across your social media profiles, website, online CV. Or even in printed marketing materials such as flyers, business cards and signage. […]

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Melbourne personal branding photography of woman holding a mug of tea

What you can get out of a personal branding session.

“A personal branding photoshoot? I’m not ready for that!” It’s all too common! So many of us feel self-doubt and can relate to ‘impostor syndrome’. Many people don’t feel ready to have a professional photoshoot, or simply believe they’re not worthy. And if it’s not this then it’s an array of excuses like “I would like to lose a bit more weight”, “I’m not photogenic” or “I just don’t have time – it’s not a priority”. These feelings are real […]

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How Lighting Is Everything: illuminating your way to a good headshot.

Lighting, it’s what makes a great headshot. It is lighting that sets good photography apart from mediocre photography. So when it comes to headshots and portraiture, the lighting is really important – it can even make or break the shot. It can be the difference between you been perceived as either professional or unprofessional. Not only is your professional reputation on the line, but the lighting in your headshot or portrait also sets the tone and mood of the image. […]

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