Corporate Headshots with Matt

Meet Matt

I met Matt when he booked in for some corporate headshots. Working in sales, he wanted to update his LinkedIn headshot. He also wanted some high-quality images that he would be able to use across his work platforms.

Being high up in his field, he wanted to make sure he looked professional, but also approachable and friendly. When I sent Matt my pre-shoot survey I quickly learnt that Matt is a fun, laid-back guy, who loves his job, loves his family and has a great sense of humour.

So when it came to our shoot day, I kept all of this in mind. I wanted to make sure I captured genuine expressions that communicated who Matt was.

Because he worked a lot from home, having a great headshot would be important for his connections to see who he was. To show that he is not just a name on an email.

The Final shots:

Ranging from smiling to serious, we were able to get a diverse library of images that Matt could choose from. Opting for a studio environment to suit his field, we switched up shirts and jackets to capture a few different options to choose from.

As we progressed through the shoot, I photographed Matt at various crop lengths and with different poses.

Matt selected three final images after our shoot. The first was an approachable, friendly and smiling headshot with a very business-professional look (neat shirt, jacket and tie). This image really showed his friendly side. The glint in his eye shows a genuine connection, and you can really imagine Matt as someone you would be happy to do business with.

The second shot was a more serious expression. I like the level of engagement in this one – Matt is leaning in, and you get a connection with him right away. I also love the little details in the flowered shirt – it shows that while Matt has a serious side, he’s also a relaxed kind of guy.

Matt was hoping to capture a relaxed and more candid-feeling portrait as well. We photographed a series of mid-length portraits that included some relaxed standing poses and some sitting poses. It’s always good to review what images are working as we go, and that’s a big part of my process.

Matt and I were able to find the poses and cropping that really worked for him. This final image of Matt smiling is very relaxed – as if a moment was caught.


Matt was sent these three final headshots in colour and black and white. I also sent him a few crops of each, so he could choose what suited each application best.

He’ll be able to choose the best images to use across his LinkedIn and social media accounts. He can also use one of these headshots as a part of his email avatar, and his google profile. The company website can also showcase these images as a part of their team pages as well.

It’s always inspiring when people bite the bullet, and take on a new challenge. While Matt wasn’t super confident going into his photoshoot, he did a great job and got some fantastic results. Now, he can put his image out there and look professional and relatable.

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Julia Nance Melbourne Corporate Headshot

Julia Nance is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her vibrant creativity is inspired by her experiences. From photographing whales underwater to travelling in Europe. With a vast background in a range of photographic areas, it is Julia’s natural ability to connect with her subjects that ultimately drew her to the art of portraiture.
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