Signs of a great Linkedin headshot from a Melbourne Linkedin headshot photographer

Great LinkedIn Headshots...

& What To Look For

How is your LinkedIn Headshot looking?

There is much discussion about the importance of a LinkedIn headshot, and the importance of having a good one. It is all about first impressions, and your LinkedIn headshot does just that.

People connect with people. So having a great LinkedIn headshot is the first starting point in forming that connection.

Your headshot allows others to make quick first impressions of you. So if you’re using a poor quality image, or even worse – don’t even have an image, then you’ll want to get this sorted!

Having a great LinkedIn headshot can go a long way: whether you’re an executive or a job seeker. It should communicate your personality and professionalism.

Remember that people like to do business with those they know, like and trust. Your LinkedIn headshot is the first thing people see before clicking on your profile. So having a headshot that communicates these things is a huge advantage.

Man smiles slightly a the camera, wearing a suit and tie on a dark grey studio background.
Woman poses for corporate headshot in an outdoor setting. She wears blue ruffled sleeves and behind her the background is soft and blurred.
Professional doctor portrait of man wearing white doctors coat and smiling to camera.
Modern corporate headshot of Melbourne man taken on an orange background
Professional headshot of Melbourne woman taken in studio.
Corporate headshot of melbourne man taken on a grey background.

A LinkedIn Headshot Sessions should allow you to be comfortable and achieve a result that looks and feels like you.

Many of my clients have been using headshots on LinkedIn that are outdated, poor quality, or don’t reflect their true potential.

Many of my clients have told me they don’t like getting their photo taken. People’s experiences have ranged from bad staff photo days to being rushed, confused and feeling defeated.

Your LinkedIn headshot is an investment in yourself and your career. It should be an image that fills you with pride, and builds your confidence. If your headshot doesn’t do this, then it’s time to consider an update.

As a professional photographer, I guide my clients the whole way through, and ensure everything from lighting, background, pose and expression are perfect.

Check your LinkedIn Headshot for these 5 things:

1- Simple Background. Keep it plain, or blurred out behind you.

2- Genuine expression. Smiling (big or small) helps create openness, and people perceive you as more friendly and trustworthy too. There’s a lot that can be communicated with your eyes too.

3- Great Lighting. Ensure there aren’t too many shadows or bright highlights across your face. Ensure we can see your eyes too.

4- Professional Outfit. Dress for the role you are in, or want to be in. Keep it relevant to your industry.

5- Taken by a professional. Professional photographers will control everything from lighting and background, right through to directing you for a great expression. It makes a huge difference.

BONUS TIP: face your body to the right, so your headshot looks towards your LinkedIn profile, banner and any comments/posts you write.

First impressions MATTER... and you only have one chance to make it.

So let's get it right!

Your LinkedIn profile needs to show trust, professionalism and a unique look at who YOU are.

Are you looking for a professional photographer to help with your LinkedIn Headshot?

Join me in my studio for a LinkedIn headshot session.
Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, VIC, we can achieve either a studio or outdoor look that puts your best side out to the world!

Express Headshot Session – $290

1 IMAGE | 30 Min Session

Express headshot sessions are best suited to those wanting a single corporate headshot and are based at my Ringwood East studio.

Corporate headshot of melbourne man taken on a grey background.
Melbourne business woman smiles to camera for relaxed corporate headshot
Professional headshot of Melbourne business owner on a grey background in studio.
Personal branding portrait of a woman wearing a blue tie dyed top. She has a soft, closed mouth smile and is outdoors.

Need some reassurance?
Check out the 100+ 5 star google reviews from other lovely people I have worked with:

What about the things you need to avoid in your LinkedIn Headshot?

Have another look at your LinkedIn headshot, and make sure you’re not doing any of these things:

Selfies VS Professional headshots rated by users

This comparison above shows how even a pretty good selfie can reduce that great first impression.

Is your LinkedIn profile in need of a refresh?

There is a big difference between a professional headshot and a quick selfie. With the LinkedIn community continually growing, and being a leading source of recruitment, your LinkedIn headshot needs to tick all the boxes.

We want to create images that are trustworthy and ultimately accelerate your career. Your LinkedIn headshot should showcase what it’s like to work with you, and give a great first impression.

As a professional headshot photographer, I work with my clients to create images that they love. You’ll walk away with a boost of confidence – ready to take on the world again!

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