When To Update Your Headshots

What should you wear for your LinkedIn Headshot?

If you’re currently using a headshot across your social platforms, email and website, then that’s great – you’re on the right track. However, it’s important to make sure your headshot stays up to date and relevant.

What should my headshot say?

Essentially, your headshot communicates who you are. It’s a vice to guide first impressions. Which is why it’s important that your headshot is capturing the right things. For you, this might be looking professional, trustworthy and friendly. Or it could communicate that you and your brand are fun, creative and outgoing.

One thing is for sure, your headshot needs to accurately give the right impressions. That’s why it’s always beneficial to work with a professional headshot photographer who can guide you in the right direction. We consider things like background, setting, pose and lighting to communicate lots of little things to your audience.

If I’ve had professional headshots taken, how do I know when I need to update them?

‘When do I update my headshots’ is a common query. There’s no strict rule on this, and ultimately it comes down to how your headshot is representing you.

As a rule, you need to make sure your headshot is an accurate visual representation. If your weight has changed considerably, you’ve had a dramatic change in your hair colour or length, or you’ve just generally aged. Maybe you do your makeup completely different now.

If your current headshots don’t really look like you, then they need updating.

My general suggestion is every two years at a minimum. I update mine every year, but I am a headshot photographer!

What do I need to consider when updating my headshots?

As with any headshot session, you need to

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