A Collection Of My Other Photographic Work

While I love headshots and portraiture, it isn’t my only calling. I have had many loves within Photography. Studying a Bachelor of Commercial Photography has lead me down many paths. Initially, I thought I would fall into fashion photography, but my studies opened me up into different avenues. You can read a little more about what brought me to start a headshot and portrait business here, but for now I’m going to show you some of my other passions.

Studio Still Life Photography:

I had a very strong focus on still life and advertising photography while studying at uni. I have always been captivated by the amazing ways products can be transformed into pieces of art to capture attention and convey information. To this day, I admire product photography (in particular alcohol, drinkware and perfume). It is a real craft, and requires precise lighting and attention to detail. This is some of my product work below:

Conceptual Photography:

Relating back to my days of studying Art and theory in high school, conceptual photography became an avenue I still like to explore. I often used art as a way to express and inform when I was younger. Often I have found that my art tells me things about my inner feelings, without much conscious planning. So exploring conceptual ideas through photography feels very natural to me. You’ll see more of it at my other website: www.julianance.com.au

Narrative Photography:

Another major exploration in my final year at RMIT was narrative and illustrative portraiture. As an aspiring writer when I was younger, and a lover of fantasy and mythical worlds, storytelling was something I have always found interesting. Through my portraits I aimed to create characters and scenarios that allowed viewers to interpret individually. My intention was for my audience to relate and give my characters a story.

Underwater Photography:

Then there is Underwater Photography. I have an instagram account dedicated to my love of all things underwater and nature. It’s a really special part of my life. It has opened me to great experiences, but also to a community of supportive friends who all share an amazing connection.

Swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga has been one of the most incredible times of my life, and each day I strive to get back in the water with them to capture their majestic romance.

I really hope you have been opened up to my other world in photography. I have a place dedicated for all the work I do that isn’t headshot or portrait related. While I love capturing portraits, for me it is important to explore personal work. I offer a lot of this work for sale as prints too. On my website, you will find a print shop where you can order artwork for your home. I would love to share it with you!

Of course, I love what I do here! I hope my current folio of portrait work inspires too. You can read a little more about my photography sessions, read some FAQ, book your session, and see my pricing online.

To view more of my other work, please visit my website: www.julianance.com.au