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Headshot Photographer

Professional headshot of Julia nance holding a camera next to her cheek, smiling to camera on a blue background.

Premium headshot photographer working from Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs & on-location.

I help businesses and individuals portray credibility and trust through personality-focused portraiture.

Specialising in professional headshots, personal branding photography, & staff headshots across Melbourne, VIC.

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Studio actor headshot of young Melbourne woman smiling to camera wearing pink checks on a pink background.
Contemporary corporate branding portraits of man sitting down. He has his hands clasped and a gentle expression on his face. The image has dramatic lighting, and the man wears a professional blazer and suit pants.

From FUN to sophisticated...
Together we’re going to create photos that speak your brand.

No matter what style you need, Julia Nance Portraits offers premium headshot and personal branding photography. With a hands-on process, you’ll be guided through an experience that puts your needs first.

The result? High-quality professional headshots that represent you at your very best.

Headshots for individuals:

A headshot has the job of making a great first impression. As your number 1 marketing tool for yourself, your new headshot will be one you’ll be proud to use across LinkedIn, emails, resumes and other marketing platforms.

Together, we will find styles, angles and expressions to make a real connection with your audience.

Relaxed linkedin headshot of woman smiling to camera in denim jacket. The photograph is taken in natural light with an outdoor setting of greenery.

Headshots for teams.

Need images of your entire team?

With our portable studio I can come to you and capture professional and consistent images of your staff.

In-situ photography of your team at work is another great way to bring personalised imagery into all of your marketing chanels.

Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs Premium Headshot Photography Studio

Conveniently located near Eastlink, the Julia Nance Portraits studio offers a gorgeous outdoor backdrop alongside contemporary studio options.

We can put together varied personal branding collections or stick to simple LinkedIn headshots. The options are endless!

Interior image of the Julia Nance Portraits studio in Ringwood East. You can see desk, couches, artwork and coloured backgrounds.
Headshot of melbourne actor Lindsay who wears a checked flannel shirt and smiles to camera on an orange background.
Natural light actor headshot of woman with serious expression
Headshot of melbourne actor Peter, who looks to camera with a slight smile. He wears all black and is photographed in a studio.
Outdoor actor headshot taken in natural light in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.
Melbourne actress looks over her shoulder with a serious and relaxed expression in black and white headshot.
Natural outdoor actor headshot taken at golden hour in melbourne's eastern suburbs. Woman wears a pale blue tshirt and smiles to camera with the wind blowing through her hair.
Actor headshot of young woman in a studio environment with dramatic lighting. One half of her face is in shadow.
A studio portrait of young Melbourne actress and dancer who wears a denim jacket and looks to camera with one hand on her cheek.

Actor Headshots

Understanding your strengths as an actor are vital for effective actor headshots.

With a pre-shoot survey and consultation process, we determine a plan for your session to best capture a portfolio of acting headshots that you can submit for various roles.

Why Julia Nance Portraits?
Here's how I help & prioritise you:

No Outfit Limits

Change your outfit throughout your photograhy shoot as much as you need.

Studio & Outdoor Options

Beautiful outdoor options right outside the studio door in Ringwood East!

No-Rush Environment

Sessions options range from 30 minutes to half a day. We can capture everything you need.

Professional Retouching

No quick, cheap filters or skin-blurring on your headshots. Your images are professionally retouched right into the little details.

Efficient Results

Quick turnaround on final digital images - you can use them within 3-4 working days!

Flexible Session Times

Regular sessions available Tuesday-Friday. Occasional after hours and Saturday sessions.

Portrait of Julia Nance in bright pink dress on a blue background holding a camera above her head, with a quirky smile.

Your Headshot Photographer

Hello, I’m Julia. As your headshot photographer, I’m here to capture portraits of you looking your very best.

I specialise in headshots and personal branding photography out of my studio in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, as well as on-location.

Whether you’re looking for a professional corporate headshot, an actor headshot that showcases your type, or staff headshots of your team – I’m here to help.

My process is all about getting to know you, your goals, and what you want your headshots to say. You will find your experience is highly personalised, and I pride myself on good results from start to finish.

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