Why I Shoot Headshots

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This is my friend Ness from high school – we had a portrait assignment, and I fell in love with the bold contrast in this shot.

From High School to Headshots.

In High School I fell in love with photographing people. I was not shooting headshots, but I photographed people in various environments.

The first time I used a DSLR I photographed the natural wonders on my parent’s 10-acre property. So when I began to photograph friends at school for assignments I felt so much more entranced by the results.

Then began my mid-late teen years of trawling through magazines. I loved the stories that were being told through narrative fashion photography. At the time I didn’t know an awful lot about the technical side of digital photography but I did have determination.

When I reached university level at RMIT University in Melbourne I explored Headshots and Portraits. The BA Photography program accepted me immediately after high school (in 2012).  RMIT introduced me to the wonders of the studio, headshots and advanced portrait photography! It was my experimentation and determination of learning lighting techniques in the studio that lead me to where I am. Constantly, I would practice lighting on studio headshots and still life. Ultimately, this lead me to the path of starting my business, Julia Nance Portraits.

My Work Now:

In the 6 years since entering my first photographic studio at RMIT, I have discovered a love for beautiful light, colour, and soft poses. Shooting headshots Melbourne is very calming for me and this is the main reason why they are my specialty. I stick to what I know and what I love. I work better with adults than children, and I enjoy taking my time to capture beautiful shots.

When conducting my outdoor headshot shoots, I utilise natural light in a similar way to the studio. Outdoors, I carefully negotiate where my subject is positioned. I use diffusers and reflectors to shape light as I desire.

There is a lot more to a great headshot than just getting the eyes in focus. Having sharp eyes is absolutely vital, but I also aim to capture personality in addition to beauty and technicality. I try to think outside the box for backdrops that compliment the fashion, hair colour and skin colour of my subject in order to create an overall balance in my headshots and portraits.

Below I have shared a few images, ranging from University to more recently! See my current work here.


Julia Nance Melbourne Corporate Headshot

Julia Nance is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her vibrant creativity is inspired by her experiences. From photographing whales underwater to travelling in Europe. With a vast background in a range of photographic areas, it is Julia’s natural ability to connect with her subjects that ultimately drew her to the art of portraiture.
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