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What makes your sessions different?

Stepping into my studio we make it all about you. This means no limits on outfits, no strict time restraints, and the option to explore both studio and outdoor settings if this is what you desire.

I like to take the time to get to know my amazing subjects, and I like to let them know about me too. This process occurs both before and during the session and allows us to both relax and capture natural and authentic shots. After you book we begin a discussion about what you want, and what will work best for you.

Remember though, the more you are willing to chat with me the more we can prepare and get to know each other! Providing visual references, jotting down your ideas, telling me what you need is all going to help me understand what you hope to get out of your session.

After your session, I send you a PDF of proof images, which you will select your finals from. The final shots are retouched professionally, to a high detail level, but keeping things natural. I take great care in my retouching, to ensure there are no shortcuts (like blurred skin, tacky filters, or low clarity). Everything is nicely polished to look like you, on your very best day!

Oh! And there is my studio too. While its location isn’t inner-city, I think this is what makes it great. You’ll be relaxed, surrounded by beauty, and have no stressful parking problems either! Plus, the endless beautiful natural outdoor locations we can explore.

Why should I work with you?

Choosing a photographer is a completely personal preference. I stand by that you should choose someone who fits in with you, your values, and your personality. But let’s discuss a little bit about working with me:

I take a lot of pride in my work, my process and my results. I’m not one for taking shortcuts or rushing through a session. My process is all about getting things right: creating beautiful lighting, directing you, and getting to know you. My sessions are about exploring various options: your outfits, different lighting and background, indoors and outdoors. I have spent a lot of time refining my art of portraiture. I specialise in what I do, and I am university trained in my field too! My process starts with a comprehensive pre-shoot guide and consultation, through to shoot day, and finished with high-end professional retouching to make your images shine even more.

While my packages don’t provide you with every single image taken, I ensure your results are high-end and professional every single time. I’ll check in to make sure you’re happy with them too!

What is included in my session?

My various packages have different inclusions. Mostly, it is the number of final images that determine the differences in my sessions, but there are variations between actor sessions, corporate, and personal branding.

Every session includes a pre-session consultation where we discuss your ideas, desires and needs for the shoot. You will also receive a welcome pack PDF with some helpful information. I do not have any limitations on the number of ‘looks’ or outfit changes in my sessions – you are welcome to bring a range of options for your shoot.

To learn more about the process of my sessions, please see the sessions page.
To see my range of packages and pricing available, please view my Pricing page.

Why don’t your packages include all the images?

My images are professionally retouched to a high standard. It takes me a lot of time to complete this important step of my process.

This means all the little details are taken into account, but I keep you looking natural. The camera picks up things that the human eye doesn’t. My retouching style is to polish the images to ensure you look like you, but on your best day.

I take NO shortcuts with my retouching, and I am completely against blurring the details of the skin or using filter effects. It can take me upwards of an hour per photograph to touch up the fine details, depending on the image. I take a lot of pride in my work, and this final step in my photographic process completes my style. Check out this video for an example of my headshot retouching.

I do not give out raw or unedited images, but extra retouched images can be purchased if required.

How are your images retouched?

I take a lot of pride in the way I retouch my images. I do put a lot of time into the process, ensuring everything looks clean and polished. It is a little different for the types of images I work with though:

Headshots: My headshot retouching is quite detailed, and I keep everything natural. This means no blurring, no clarity reduction, and no tacky filters. The process is all about eliminating the extra details the camera picks up on that we don’t really notice in real life. This includes imperfections that may be present on the day, brightening under the eyes, and evening out skin transitions. In all my work it is important that you stay recognisable. I keep texture in the skin and make sure you don’t end up looking like a strange plastic doll. Check out this video for an example of my headshot retouching.

Branding and Portraits: For my personal branding images and family photos, or other portraits that are further away, it is not always necessary to go into all the fine detail, like I would with a head and shoulders shot. The process for these styles of images is to make them pop. Any noticeable imperfections are touched up, and minor cloning might occur (such as removal of background distractions). Otherwise, these images are edited to give them a signature look: polished, professional.

You can read more on this page.

How much are your extra retouched images?

Extra images are fully retouched and can be purchased for $50 each. If you have multiple in mind, I offer 5 for $200. 

I want to also get full body shots, can we include this in my headshot session?

Yes! We can certainly do a range of crops – including full-length shots. My headshot sessions are not limited to strictly head and shoulders.
We can discuss this before and during the session too to make sure you get exactly what you need.

How long does a session go for?

Headshot session lengths depend on your particular package, and what we want to achieve.
While I have no strict time limits I can give a bit of a guide as to how long these things take.

My smaller packages generally run for 1-1.5 hours. For full folios and personal branding packages, expect to dedicate 2-3 hours for the session.

For corporate shots with multiple people at a workplace, shooting time per person is generally much shorter (10-15m). This enables us to achieve one great shot per person while not taking up too much valuable work time.

I have a particular idea for the outcome of my shoot, can we make it happen?

I would love to hear about your ideas and desires for your shoot! I do a pre-shoot consultation via email (or phone if preferred), in order to get an idea of the type of images you are after.

This is particularly important for headshots in order to get the right look for a business, website, acting or modelling headshot requirements. It is always best to discuss your ideas with me prior to the shoot so we can arrange and organise ahead of time to get the best outcome on the day.

What do I need to bring to my session?

After you make your booking I will send you some information about preparing for your headshot session, including what to bring! As a guide, some different outfits, a change of shoes if you would like full-length shots, and some touch-up makeup/hair gel/hairbrush.

If you are booking a corporate or personal branding session, we can discuss any suitable props that you may wish to incorporate in your photos. This could range from laptops/phones/cameras to various accessories with your branding colours.

What is the process for corporate staff headshots?

Corporate staff headshot sessions are generally taken on-site. This tends to be the easiest option, as it allows for minimal staff disruption, and is easy to get everyone together.

My process is to set up before working with each staff member, to make sure none of their time is wasted. Shots can be taken either inside with a remote studio or outdoors (your preference). Once everything is ready to go, I work with your staff one at a time to capture their headshots. Images are reviewed as we go, so I can ensure staff are pleased with their result too. All the final images will be fully retouched for a professional, flattering result, and final images are delivered digitally.

Studio & locations:

Where is your studio?

My home studio is located in Lilydale Victoria, not far from The York on Lilydale. The exact address will be provided upon booking, so I can ensure privacy during all my shoots (no walk-ins).

The studio is in a beautiful location, and it is very peaceful and secluded – looking onto the Dandenong Ranges and surrounded by stunning nature. From those who come out to my studio, I get a lot of comments on how absolutely beautiful and peaceful the location is. I’m sure you will feel the same! See my Studio page to learn a little more and see some photos!

Getting to the studio via public transport is tricky, however, there is plenty of free parking available at the property.
If you do require to use public transport, please get in touch and we will discuss your best options!

What outdoor locations can we utilise in my session?

My studio is surrounded by beautiful natural settings and gardens, as well as a range of textures that can be used for soft backdrops. Outside my studio is an undercover area too, with lots of rustic options that make for great backgrounds – especially when blurred with beautiful bokeh. I also have a natural light option for my studio, for those wanting natural light but a studio backdrop. There are lots of options for backdrops and setting for outdoor and natural light portraiture. You can see some of these below!

Otherwise, if you have a particular location in mind please let me know – contact me with your ideal location and I will let you know if there is any travel surcharge. If you wish to have your session on-site at your home/office/studio please contact me to confirm location and travel surcharges.

For corporate staff headshots, generally my sessions are all held on-site, and these can be with an indoor studio setup, or outdoors.

View more of my Outdoor Headshots in my gallery.

What happens if the weather is bad for my outdoor shoot?

If the weather forecast is looking poor for your scheduled shoot I will get in touch with you to come to a resolution. I do have sheltered areas near my studio, and a natural light option inside, but we can always reschedule if this will interfere with the shoot concepts.

I want to make sure you get the best out of your session, so sometimes a reschedule will be the best option. Depending on the location and style of the shoot it may be possible to still make the shoot work, or I am happy to switch to a studio session if this is your preferred outcome.

In the case that the weather does spoil shoot plans, we can reschedule for another time with no loss of deposit.

I want headshots for my staff, can we do it at your studio?

Yes – we can certainly arrange to shoot corporate headshots for staff at my studio.
Please contact me directly to discuss this option prior to booking.

Booking, Payment and Deposits:

How do I book online?

You can book online via my online bookings page here.
Simply select your session type, your package, and then choose a date and time on the calendar.
Below the calendar are the options to fill in your personal details, and any extra notes.
After you submit your booking, you will be redirected to Paypal to pay a $50 deposit via card, or your PayPal account. This deposit comes off the total session amount (see below for refund terms). After your deposit is paid you are all set, and I’ll get in touch with you soon!
Ready to book? Click here!

Can I book in another way (not online)?

Booking online is the quickest and easiest way to see my full availability for session times, and ensures instant confirmation.

If you do not wish to book online, you may contact me via phone or email to make an enquiry, and I can submit your booking manually. You will be asked to pay a $50 deposit via bank transfer or Paypal to confirm your booking, and an invoice will be sent for this.

What happens after my booking?

After you book your session I will get in touch with you confirming the date and time of your session.
I will also send through an invoice outlining your paid deposit (via Paypal at the time of booking), and note the remaining balance.
We will also begin a discussion about what you are hoping to get out of your portraiture shoot. This includes ideas on the best backgrounds, lighting and clothing choices to suit your needs. I’ll provide a welcome guide as a PDF with a few tips and extra information for your session too.

Can I cancel my booking?

Bookings can be cancelled.
Cancellations with one week or more notice are fully refunded.
If you cancel with less than one week before your session, you will forfeit your deposit, and there will be no refund of the deposit amount.
However, cancellations with more than 48 hours before the session can have their deposit go towards a change of date and time of another booking.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, as above, changes can be made to your session time, although depending on when you request a change in time there may be a loss of deposit.
Any changes within 48 hours of your scheduled session will result in a loss of your original deposit, and a new deposit will be required for your new booking.
Changes requested from 48 hours or more prior to the shoot can be made with no loss of the deposit – your original deposit will contribute to your next session.

How much is the deposit?

Deposits for individual bookings are $50. For bookings at your workplace with multiple people, the deposit amount is 50% of the total fee.
A deposit is required for all bookings to be confirmed, and this will be asked to be paid upfront via Paypal when you book online.

Why is there an upfront deposit?

A deposit will secure your booking and is used to cover my time and preparation if a session is cancelled at the last minute. Sessions involve a lot of preparation and work, so the deposit is security for my time in preparation for the shoot.

Will I get my deposit back if I change or cancel my booking?

Please see the above questions about cancelling sessions and changing sessions.

How will I receive my refund?

Upon cancelling or changing your booking, please get in touch with me directly by phone or email. I will refund you in the way you have paid your deposit (Paypal or Bank Transfer).

What are my payment options?



Above are the payment options I offer at Julia Nance Portraits. Your payment options will be outlined again in your invoice, which will be emailed to you after you make your booking. You may choose to pay before your session or on the day.

Note that full payment must be at latest on the day of your session.

For card and Paypal payments, a 1% surcharge will be added to your remaining balance.
A $50 deposit is required for all bookings to be confirmed, and this will be asked to be paid upfront via Paypal when you book online (no surcharge is added to deposits).

Why is there a 1% charge on card payments and Paypal?

Like many small businesses, I apply a small surcharge on my card and Paypal payments to help account for the associated fees from the merchants – these being Square and Paypal. I have chosen not to increase my prices globally to account for these charges, and I still accept cash and bank transfer options with no added fees. My surcharge is not a way to add profit, and I abide by Australian law, ensuring the surcharge does not exceed the merchant fees (my surcharge is, in fact, less than these merchant fees).

Digital Files:

Can I select my included digital files?

We will discuss before and during our session what type of images you are expecting. After the session, I will prepare a proof sheet of the best shots for your viewing, and from this, you can select your final images. These images will be lightly edited, but will not be the fully retouched files.

After receiving your proofs, all you need to do is let me know of your selected images via email, I will process them fully, and prepare them for you to receive. If you are after extra images you can select any additional images for purchase as either prints, digital files or both.

For Corporate sessions with multiple people, I am happy to select the final shots for you, or I can send image proofs for your selection – whatever is the preference for your business. Please note for staff headshots, there will not be as many shots per person to choose from, given the nature and time limit of these sessions.

How long will it take for me to receive my files?

Generally, I try to process your final retouched images in 2-3 working days. During busy times, please allow up to one week after selection for digital files of headshots/portraits to be processed. If you are in a rush, let me know and I will do all that I can to get your images to you when you need.

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Example of headshot retouching: