Staff Headshot Styles

Staff Headshot Styles

Staff Headshot Styles

Does the business you work for need new staff headshots? Showing your team is a fantastic way to connect and have your business stand out from the competition.

I truly believe having staff profiles helps to form trust and connection, and it also gives that validation that your workplace is a team.

There are lots of different styles of photography to choose from, and I am going to outline a few ideas here for your new staff headshot photography.

Studio Style (plain backgrounds):

Melbourne barrister headshot of woman wearing black and white, smiling to camera.
Melbourne LinkedIn headshot for local barrister, wearing a grey checked suit, smiling to camera.
Professional linkedin headshot taken in melbourne studio of woman smiling to camera with confidence.
A studio portrait of melbourne professional for a new linkedin headshot. There is a bright yellow background behind him and he smiles to camera.

Studio styles work well for most businesses. Their benefit is that they can be matched easily for multiple business locations (such as interstate team members).

Studio backgrounds can range from white and light grey, to charcoal and black. You could also opt for a coloured background. As a photographer, I can arrange for a custom colour backdrop to be ordered and kept by your office for future shoots.

Environmental Style (office/location based backgrounds):

A melbourne doctor dressed in a suit stands outside a hospital for a professional doctors portrait
Melbourne team headshot photography. Branding portrait with a blurred background captured in workplace.
Melbourne staff headshot and in situ photograph of woman working at her desk
Corporate team photograph showing a woman and man - lawyers in a melbourne building foyer sitting professionally.

Bringing the work environment into your headshots gives a personalised approach to your portraits, and in a way is ‘grounding’. It introduces your staff as well as a sense of the workplace.

This type of photography can look classy and formal. With quality lighting your portraits can look magazine worthy, with an editorial feel.

Outdoor Styles (urban or greenery):

Melbourne business owner photographed in a candid and relaxed lifestyle portrait during an outdoor personal branding photoshoot.
Personal branding portrait of Melbourne woman wearing white linen blazer, standing confidently with a smile.
Woman in outdoor setting has hands in her pockets for a calm branding portrait. There are autumn trees behind her.
Woman stands on Melbourne street wearing black long sleeved top and patterned skirt. She has a relaxed pose and is smiling, while looking away from camera.
Relaxed linkedin headshot of woman smiling to camera in denim jacket. The photograph is taken in natural light with an outdoor setting of greenery.

If a studio look isn’t the right style for your business, but your location doesn’t suit either, then you could opt for an outdoor headshot style. This could be captured at a local park or in the surrounding areas of the business (or in the areas surrounding your photographer’s studio location).

Choosing A Style For Your Business:

Whatever style you choose, make sure it ties into the business. There are other things to consider beyond the ‘visual appeal’, and you need to ensure your staff headshots reflect the business as a whole.

Consider these things:
  • What industry are you in, and what is the industry standard?
  • Do you fit the industry standard, or do you want to do something different?
  • Where will the images be used, and how will they fit into other design elements?
  • Consider your website design, printed marketing, briefs and other placements.
  • Does your business have branding guidelines that outline specifications for photographic and illustrative elements to consider?

Need a photographer?

If you are looking for a Melbourne staff headshot photographer, I would love to discuss your ideas. I have been a professional headshot photographer and worked with many teams across Victoria. See all my information about staff headshot photography here.

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