Meet Aponi – Melbourne Actor.

Aponi - Melbourne Headshots _ Actor Headshot photography in Melbourne

This is beautiful Aponi.

She needed a fresh headshot library to kick start her acting goals here in Melbourne. She’s recently moved to our beautiful city to start her studies at Monash University this year. I loved getting to know Aponi. She is so full of life and motivation, with a great sense of humor and a lot of passionate goals.

We discussed via phone and email before her headshot session to get to know each other a little more, and what she wanted to get out of her acting headshot session. Her aim was was to get a range of studio and outdoor images that she could use for various applications, and to submit to potential agents to gain representation in Melbourne. She wanted images that showed a range of characters and moods, to create a varied library of images that went beyond a simple headshot. This collection of images would show more of her ability and ‘types’ that she could be cast for.

Strong Headshots:

It was of course important to get some strong headshots that show a bit of personality, and portray various characters too. To do this, we created various looks and utilised different lighting, backgrounds and outfits, while Aponi nailed her posing and expression. She was a real natural in front of the camera.

In our shoot we explored three main setups: studio lit (as above), natural light in the studio, and natural light outdoors (below):

We also took some full length shots – which she can use in her headshot library. My favourite full length shot is this happy one below. I love Aponi’s smile, and how carefree she looks. The pathway, the trees and the Dandenong ranges all add to the scene, and start to tell a story too. This particular shot was taken in the grounds around my studio. Our other various shots were taken in both the studio and the surrounds. We had a lot to choose from, and it was difficult to narrow them down.

Melbourne Acting headshot of woman outdoors with bare feet and long skirt

What I really loved about my shoot with Aponi was how versatile her look was. Every set up was different, and a simple change of lighting, outfit, hair and expression created various imagery.

Have a look at some of the other images and outtakes below! There were just too many amazing outcomes from this shoot!

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