Local Business Photography

Julia Nance stands out the front of her professional portrait studio. She has blonde hair, glasses and has her arms crossed in a relaxed manner.

Are you a business in Maroondah?

I'm Julia, a local photographer in Maroondah specialising in professional headshots and business branding.
I can help your businesses portray credibility and trust through personality-focused portraiture.

Whether you need staff headshots, or some candid in-situ style portraits to showcase you at work. Portrait photography is the perfect way to introduce yourself to our local community.

Introduce yourselves with personality-filled staff headshots.

Consistent and professional images to showcase your staff.

Headshots of your staff are a great way to show your team to the community. These can be used across your website, social media, emails and marketing channels.

We can arrange for an on-site shoot, or you can arrange to have your team swing past my local studio in Ringwood East.

A collection of melbourne staff headshots showcasing a team of consistent images that can be used in a corporate setting. There are 24 portraits collaged together in a grid.

Show the world what it’s like to work with your team…

Julia Nance Portraits offers more than just headshot photography. We can arrange to capture authentic, candid photography of your team at work.

A picture tells a thousand words, and we’ll create storytelling imagery that will be perfect to deck out your website, online presence and printed marketing materials.

We can tailor a personalised branding package to your needs.

Flexible Group Portraits
That Grow With Your Business.

A team portrait is one of the best ways to show your crew together. Choose from a traditional (single shot), or composite (digitally crafted).

Our signature composite team portraits are a popular choice, allowing us to add and remove team members as your business grows and changes over time. Simply send your staff to my local studio for a headshot, and they can be added in your group image.

Melbourne team photography and corporate group photograph. Image is a gif, showing 7 individual portrait being placed together to showcase a group.
Interior image of the Julia Nance Portraits studio in Ringwood East. You can see desk, couches, artwork and coloured backgrounds.

Stay Local:
My Ringwood East Photography Studio

Conveniently located near Eastlink, the Julia Nance Portraits studio offers a gorgeous outdoor backdrop alongside contemporary studio options.

Being local, with free parking, makes it easy for you to send new team members directly for their headshot updates.

Your Local Business Discount:

To support other local businesses in Maroondah Council, I’m offering a 10% local business discount. Discount applies to headshots sessions with 6+ staff, or in-situ branding packages of 10+ images.

Personal branding potrait of artist duo outside of their Melbourne studio, Aurora Art.
Portrait of small business owner, showing in situ photography of artists painting.
Portrait of small business owner, showing in situ photography of artist painting.
Personal branding portrait of Mother and daughter artist duo from Aurora art - photographed in their Melbourne art gallery.
Personal branding portrait of Mother and daughter artist duo from Aurora art - photographed in their Melbourne art gallery.
Close up detail image of artist paint palette, filled with colours.
Local artist Zara paints in the Aurora Art Melbourne gallery space, for a personal branding portrait.

Let me say hello!

I’m Julia. As your headshot photographer, I’m here to capture portraits of your team looking their very best.

I specialise in headshots and personal branding photography out of my studio in Ringwood East and regularly travel on-location for business photography.

My process is all about getting to know your business and learning about your brand. Our goal is to create fresh, relevant images that you AND your staff love.

In no-time, we’ll have content ready to go for a complete website refresh!

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