Introducing Ellery Cohen – Melbourne Musician

Ellery Cohen:

I was fortunate enough to meet and photograph Ellery Cohen in my studio. Ellery is musician, and he is so incredibly talented. He wanted three distinct studio portraits of himself to use for his social media and upcoming marketing materials.

Recently, Ellery has just re-launched his brand and released his latest single, ‘Us’. Ellery’s passion for his craft is truly inspiring, with a love for writing and composing, as well as performing. ‘Us’ is full of emotion. it is such a personal and brave thing to put your ‘art’ out there. Music is often so full of heart – just watch Ellery’s music video below and you’ll feel it for yourself.

You’ll find the below official music video on Youtube, and the song itself is also on Spotify. Make sure you give Ellery a follow on Facebook and Instagram too.

The Images:

Each image we created was unique. We went for three different outfits, three different backgrounds, and three different lighting setups.

Our first image was a direct connection to Ellery’s music video for ‘Us’. He linked it back by wearing the same outfit that he wore in his music video (above). In particular, it works well referencing his performance on the stage within the video, and so it ties in with his marketing well.

We kept this shot a little moody and clean, with a flat black background. This enables Ellery’s graphic designers to add textures, text, and other design elements really easily.


Our second image was a bit more casual. We changed up the background to a pale grey for a lighter mood for this shot, and switched up the lighting to something different. For this one we went with a longer view, showing off Ellery’s tattoo while he was wearing short sleeves. He nailed the eyes in this shot too!

I love this one in black and white. I also quite like it cropped as a headshot too (as you can see above).


Studio portrait of a musician in a cowboy hat

The third look we photographed was quite fun. I love Ellery’s style here, and his hat completed the look. We caught this moment of laughter, which shows his happy and carefree personality – and I love that! This image in comparison to the others shows a completely relaxed moment.

I can definitely see this person performing at a wedding or a relaxed music festival!

It is definitely worth following Ellery on Facebook and Instagram!
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