How Much Do Headshots Cost?

How Much Do Headshots Cost?

There is no single answer to how much a headshot will cost. I also don’t have an answer to the ‘correct’ price for a headshot.

The truth is, headshots vary in cost, and they vary for a lot of reasons.

You’ll find variations in price due to individual business costs, the experience you’re getting, the expertise of the photographer, popularity, location and so much more.

What price range is out there?

To give you a very broad guide, you can find a headshot costing anywhere from $100 to over $1000.

Some people will invest well over $1000 if they’re getting multiple images. Others only budget a few hundred, and will opt for a different experience.

The Experience:

For an established, pro-photographer who specialises in headshots and portrait photography, be prepared to invest more than a few hundred.

Headshots are an investment. Look beyond the ‘expense’ of a headshot, and you’ll find that with the right photographer provides an experience that is uplifting, one that elevates you in your career and portrays you better than you’ve ever had before.

A pro photographer with a 5-star experience will guide you with everything from tailored wardrobe advice, posing guidance, and expression coaching, right through to image selection advice.

What to expect for what you're paying:

The saying is you get what you pay for. Here’s some idea of what to expect:

Entry-Level Photographers:
You might find an entry-level photographer with all inclusive packages for under $300. At this price range, you’re likely working with someone who doesn’t specialise in headshots. They may be portfolio building, or just doing photography as a hobby with limited expenses. With lower priced sessions you’re less likely to have the attention of specialised retouching on your images, and more general/generic advice. This works well for some people who are on a budget.

Professional Photographers:
Professional photographers generally charge upwards of $200-$350 for a session with a single image. Remember, you’re paying for expertise, insurance, equipment, and (often) studio hire. With a per-image price of $200-$350, you should expect personalised advice, great coaching throughout your shoot, and professional retouching on your final image.

Professional photographers range in their pricing, which varies depending on their cost of doing business and experience. You’ll find different photographers have sessions and packages that can range from hundreds to thousands. Often packages are bundled with multiple images to reduce the per-image price the more you purchase.

A woman poses for a calm actor headshot in a studio environment.

Is it worth it?

As a photographer, I may be a little biased when I say that hiring a professional is worth it.

There’s a lot more to photography than pressing a button. You’re paying for years of experience, the insurance and equipment, as well as time, artistic merit and talent.

Remember that photographers are artists. Everyone is unique, and there are lots of photography businesses at different price points, offering different experiences and level of services.

Not all photographers share the same costs, and those priced higher have likely run their numbers to ensure they’re running profitably – the good news here is that they’re more likely to still be around when you need an update!

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