How corporate headshots benefit your staff.

Recently I was sitting down with an old friend. We were having a spot of lunch, catching up on the past year. He recently has started his own business too, and he specialises in I.T.

We were having a chat about what I do, and discussing how headshots can be so beneficial for business. We discussed how headshots are great to look professional, to connect with potential clients, communicate a personal brand. While this was all good, my friend told me a story that promoted us to discuss the importance of corporate headshots within a workplace.

The story:

You see, his sister had recently returned from working overseas. While she was there, she worked within a large company. The type of company where you don’t quite know everyone, as there are hundreds of employees.

Via email, she was communicating, planning, and working on projects with various colleagues. She had never met them mind you, and only knew them by name, and over email.

It was one day that she was sitting in the lunchroom, that she was chatting to somebody. When they introduced themself, she then realised she had already ‘met’ this person, as one of the colleagues she had been frequently emailing about this project. She felt a little awkward about it all.

So if the staff at this company had corporate portraits of themselves, they could assign it into their email client, and it would pop up in each of their emails. She would have recognised this person from their photograph if it were there, and when seeing them in the lunchroom they both would have realised that they were working on the same project.

It is so simple:

Corporate Headshot Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Corporate Headshots - Professional Linkedin Headshots - Personal Branding PhotographyStaff headshots have a lot of benefits. Internally, it means stronger relationships between colleagues, and the ability to virtually meet someone. It can cut out the awkwardness of not really knowing who you’re working with. It can create familiarity between workers in big business. A simple change of an icon can make a big impact, and certainly would have changed the scenario above.

Staff headshots can then be assigned to their Linkedin Profiles. Imagine a cohesive look across a Linkedin company page. A cohesive look on your website, on your meet the team page. A cohesive professional image for all employees. You’ll look like a team environment, a workplace of real people, approachable and professional.

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