Consistency is Key – Corporate staff headshots.

 You Want People To Take Your Business Seriously:

If this is the case, you need to take control of all aspects of your business. Don’t gloss over things. You need brand cohesion, a great marketing plan, and to show potential clients you are the real deal.

You can spend thousands on setting up your website, creating a beautiful office space, developing business cards and marketing material. Where do you fall flat?

I’m a big believer of having strong headshots.

Of course I am bias, but I have always felt this way. If I go to a website that has a ‘Meet the Team’ page, that’s fantastic. It adds personality and faces to a business. A fantastic way to remind clients that the front of the business is backed by a team of real people.

What I don’t like, is when the ‘Meet The Team’ page is full of mis-matched photos, some people are missing, or there are no photos at all. It makes everything feel lost and incomplete, or otherwise sloppy and half-done.

Cohesion and Consistency is the key. Keep your team photos consistent – not only with each other, but with your branding and business ideals. Link them to your ideal clients (what imagery do they want to see?). Make sure they fit with your website design and branding guide.

See some team photos below: all are consistent and they link well together.