Are You Competing With The Big Brands?

We all need our point of difference. It is important to know what sets us apart from our competition. Your professional image is just one way to set yourself above the rest, and compete with the big brands.

Man Outline with Question MarkWhy Do My Clients Need To See Me?

It’s not unusual that people don’t want their photo taken. Or they say: ‘I already have a photo’, but it is outdated and off-brand.

Despite the unpleasantness you may feel towards having your photo taken, a professional corporate portrait or headshot has so many uses. Not just in where they can be used but in the ways they can boost your brand, create client relationships, and portray your professionalism. In service-based or B2B businesses in particular, a professional headshot allows potential clients to see who you are, and get a feel for you – they see a face to your name, not just words on a webpage.

Clients need to see who you are in order to:
– Start creating a relationship with you. A headshot will begin that initial connection.
– Put a face to your name. You can claim the world on your website, but who are you? Your photo sorts that out.
– To judge you as likeable, trustworthy and competent at what you do.

How Do You Compare To The Big Brands:

There’s always the big brands. The big companies that get to advertise on TV and Radio, that have billboards on main roads, multiple branches and thousands of staff. Are you competing with them?

Of course you are! It is not uncommon for small businesses market themselves as more customer-focused. Do you remember the television show The Office? Dunder Mifflin often pitches to clients their level of customer service compared to the big chains, like in this clip with Jim and Dwight below:

Corporate Headshot Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Corporate Headshots - Professional Linkedin Headshots - Personal Branding PhotographyBeing a small business does not mean you are any less capable at what you do. Of course, you know this already! What you can do, is step up your game to put yourself on the same level as the big pros. People make judgements quickly. While it might not be fair, it is a fact. Your first impression needs to be spot on, so you’re not automatically dismissed. People need to see you as competent and professional.

I’m talking about quality here. Make sure your website is up to scratch (and please, make sure you have a website!). It should be mobile responsive, modern, and show a clear brand. Refresh your logo if it is outdated. Re-write your copy if it’s a little old. Get onto social media, onto LinkedIn, freshen up your storefront, make a Google Business Listing. And show yourself (and your staff) off with a professional headshot. Your clients want to know who you are.

Don’t Just Use Any Old Photo:

Two photographs of woman's headshots with votesI’ve written about it a lot. There is a real benefit of using a professional photographer and using a professional headshot. You can read my articles about selfies vs professional headshots, or why you should use a professional. Ultimately, it is about stepping up your game to compete with the bigger guys.

Let’s take law firms for example. Big law firms like Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have over 30 offices, with thousands of professionals company-wide. If you visit their website, you’ll see hundreds of employees across the country with consistent, professional headshots. Not only do these individuals look professional and top of their craft, the company looks like a team. It gives great effect to see everyone with their own headshot. To me, it gives an impression that this is a company whose team work together to solve your legal issues.

Now, compare this to a smaller law firm who might have a couple of team members with unmatching photos. I’ve seen a lot of outdated images, selfies, mix-matched shots. Or otherwise, they don’t have headshots or company information at all. While they may have the skills in law, the expertise, the education and qualifications, but their branding is off.

Show Yourself As A Professional:

Most importantly, show yourself as a professional and others will see you as one. Don’t half-ass your public appearance: your website, your marketing, your headshot. Get it all up to scratch, and make great first impressions.

If you need to update your headshots or personal branding for you or your company, you can book your corporate photography needs online now!